Burleigh Heads (Goldcoast) September 9th – 26th

Our goldcoast visit was long awaited! It’s were our beautiful friends live, with their precious little newborn baby Solomon.
Danielle has been my dearest friend since we were dorky teenagers, she’s like the sister I’ve never had and holds a very large part of my heart! We’ve been through so much together, but none of it compared to what she was to endure this year.

Here WE were, ready to embark on a trip of a lifetime, full of fun, happiness and adventure. We left home with the happy news that Dani and her partner Phil, ( total legend) fell pregnant with twin boys! It’s news that filled our world full of excitement! But it wasn’t meant to be. Dani and Phil endured a heart wrenching loss of twin 1 ( a little boy named Archie) at about 21 weeks into their pregnancy. It tore us apart! The pain my best friend was enduring, was beyond comprehension and I felt useless and extremely saddened, thousands of kilometers away.
Only a few weeks later at 25weeks gestation, Dani went into natural labour and a little warrior was born!
The next few months, this family went through unimaginable highs and lows with the health of their baby boy. Solomon defied the odds and came home from hospital in their arms after 100days.

Throughout our trip, the worry of it all, has been something that has never left my mind. I’m not a religious person, but I was begging the universe to get these guys through this traumatic experience and back home with their baby boy in their arms.
At times we were out of service for days on end,  I will never forget scouring to the top of a scrubby sand dune to find a measly bar of reception to get the latest update on this little fighter baby! Sometimes Dani and I would just cry…. Sometimes I’d have a story that made her laugh. I couldn’t wait to get around to their place and finally meet Solomon and give Dani and Phil the biggest, proudest cuddle I could give, for making it to where they are today! They deserve nothing but happiness and in Solomon I can see they have only the purest love for him and their little angel resting, Archie.

So here we were! Rolling on into the gold coast for two whole weeks of moments Ive been dreaming of with our bestest pals and their cutest HEALTHY bub Solly!
We split our time between the Burleigh tourist park and the Tallebudera tourist park. It was school holidays and it was next to impossible to get the full two weeks in one spot. Both were in great locations to Dani and the top spots in Burleigh.
My wonderful husband relieved me of my teacher duties so I could step out and enjoy morning walks along Burleigh beach with Solly and Dan. We lazed around some days on the beach in the sun with the little beach bum in tow, who never seemed to make a fuss, if he did, it was as little as an upside down frown that put only a smile on your face.

I enjoyed cooking Dani and Phil the occasional dinner to relieve them of the monotonous routine cooking dinner in and around witching hour.. Less time cooking more time doating! The best part is purely understanding that it’s such simple gestures that make daily life, all that more easier with a baby.
Pon and I have experienced it all first hand, so it was nice to help out and give something back.


When Pon met Solly

Burleigh was buzzing! I found a lot of motivation on the freeway sized walking paths! So many people were out and about at 7 am! Getting up early most mornings for a jog felt like a breeze, as we were a stones throw to the surf at Burleigh point and loads of great shops, restaurants and cafes.

Unfortunately Pons Back was playing up and the opportunity to surf was off the cards. The first two days, of a two week stint on the Gold Coast were the only days surf-able. It wasn’t great but it eased the recovery process, that’s for sure!


Stretching it out any which way he can.

Instead we took to the hinterland again and explored the Springbrook falls. There had been a little rain the day before we went, which was perfect for the adventure.
The boys loved this one! The walk was a piece of cake, and the natural bridge was stunning! We kept a lookout for all the different fungi. A sign we read before the walk said there were illumines species, not sure if it was one of the few we found, but there were all types of bright colors, shapes and sizes.
The water falls were gushing! The kids especially loved the glow worm cave, it would be pretty cool to have booked a tour to see them glowing at night, but instead we just enjoyed the waterfall from a different angle from the darkness of the little glow worms cave.

We shopped at the surf outlets for some killer bargains! Caravan living certainly has trialled and tested the most quality of fabrics but most have failed the extreme outdoor living circumstances.. Nix and Raff replaced some board shorts that they literally worn the bums out of.. And Pon replaced squid inked and tattered items as well! If there is one place you’ll want to spend its those kinds of stores! Your dollar goes a hell of a long way in comparison to any full priced surf store. It was well worth the stop!


new board shorts… Nix nix Florence!


We visited Currumbin to see the Swell sculpture festival. It was a long walk weaving through many weird and wonderful displays. The heat of the day, the unbearable glare of the sun ( after donating our sunglasses to the kids) and tired little legs from walking the length of the beach in soft sand was enough to see us retreat. But we had a few favorites, one being the bread crate house and the giant scrabble tiles.

We often visited the foreshore for coffee and park plays amongst the hundreds of others with the same idea, but what I liked most about Burleigh heads, besides visiting my best friend was the way you can sometimes escape the city feel also! We took a walk one day around the headland with the beautiful view of the ocean leading into the bush throughout the national park, it than took us over towards Tallebudgera creek. It was a beautiful scenic walk that left us feeling blissful and refreshed in a place that feels very much like a city to us.


We got to catch up with an old friend of ours. Leisa and her gorgeous little daughter Ella, Nix particularly loved meeting Ella (who’s also 7) as he could test his times tables on someone his own age for the first time on the trip! ( I overheard him asking Ella if she knew what 4×8 equaled?) his going to have to change his pick up lines I think!!!

We were kindly invited over to Leisa’s house up in Currumbin waters for a BBQ as we had won a meat tray with tickets a kind stranger had given us at the surf club the last time we caught up with Leis. We were excited to meet her lovely new partner Wes and their dog Ozzy. The boys were thrilled to have an entire house and backyard to play in! There was a trampoline, a cubby house a big tree swing and a roaming koala in Ella’s backyard! Pon was also stoked to learn that Wes also liked football! The game was no longer needing to be recorded for later viewing..

We caught a movie at Nerang (the secret life of pets) it was the cheapest cinema ever!! $6 tickets, I later learnt we risked our lives out there ( rough as guts) but hey! We love to save a dollar!

The kids were treated to their first cold rock ice cream one night after a night down at the sushi train.  I sat this one out, thankfully so, as it was a a whopping $30 for 3 icecreams!!!

We took a trip to the new and improved Pacific Fair after a lunch date with Dani and Solly one rainy day. Raff saw a women in a burka and thought she looked like a cool ninja. Raff also wishes he had “pipes” up his nose like Solly so then he can’t pick his nose, he came this this conclusion after flicking a big boogie out the window in Danielle’s driveway but worried that she would now trip over it! This was a big deal! Can it be enough to break his habit? We will have to wait and see.

No trip to the Gold Coast is complete with kids until you try out the theme parks! Our first stop was Movie world! As soon as we entered the car park the kids already felt over whelmed. I found them telling me what rides they were definatly NOT going on! We started out in the looney tunes section where they could warm up to the bigger and much faster rides.. That still did not happen. The big kid ( Pon ) took himself off to the crazy fast ones solo as we watched on from below. The wait times per ride were at least half an hour each time. So we chose wisely. Raff loved rubbing shoulders with batman as he was convinced he was now a new and improved batman with his new cape and mask. The shows were entertaining and overall we had a really fun day!


We visited sea world and wet and wild.. Pon was having to talk me round to both as I was struggling to face another day of hectic lines and hordes of people.

Seaworld had a few good sights ( I love watching the trained Dolphins and seal shows, but my heart breaks a little to see these animals in captivity, even with sea worlds great reputation.  The kids were still hesitant on most rides so we stuck to the simpler ones.

Wet and wild was a half day event. The kids spent some time in the kids area, even there I was having to give pep talks to Raff for most of the slides! I needed eyes in the back of my head as the kids became invisible amongst the swarms of other families. We chose one slide we all were happy to takle so we made the journey up the hill and stood in line for a good 40 minutes. Raff was seemingly happy to ride this one up until the very last minute when the light went green.. We went into a panic and flipped out briefly which, in this quick moment, forced his impaitent and burnt out theme park mother to do the unexpected.. I forced Raff back to that seated position and gave him a push!! My heart sunk as I realized what I had done then turned to face  100 other onlookers with their judgment.. I wanted the world to open up and suck me in!

I finally got to the bottom myself and was relived to see that I had three smiling faces! Pon said Raff came out the end with a smile.. It was worth the judgement afterall!

It was barely lunch time and we were spent! I don’t ever want to see a theme park again. I phone up Dani and told her to pack up her family and meet us at the Bolter Brewery!!! We need a drink or 4!!! We felt like we had been to war so what better way to celebrate! The fact we hadn’t lost a child in those crowds by the thousands, after three consecutive days deserved some celebrating!

Best idea ever! Bolter brewery is the Mick Fanning and Joel Parko brewery tucked away in Currumbin. It was such a good afternoon, in a great atmosphere. We felt revived  again.

We we’re making our way south to Brunswick. Blog is yet to come..



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