Noosa September 5th -11th

The first stop we’ve revisited since being on this trip. We’ve had a handful of holidays here before and have always enjoyed ourselves!

Once we arrived, we fell flat! It wasn’t expected, to feel this way, but I think it was a shock to the system to be amongst the hustle and bustle of hasting street, the endless laps of the car parks, Main Street and side streets hunting for parking and the sheer number of people we now contend with on the beaches and in the water.
It sure is a popular holiday destination! We still love Noosa, but it wasn’t the place we were enjoying as much as others on our big lap of OZ.

The first day we got their we did the usual, check the surf, have a swim kinda thing. The second day, we were keen to head inland and explore a cute town that popped up on my Instagram feed. The weather was ordinary, so we were keen to take a drive. We visited the town of Pomona. It’s sits at the bottom of a big, rocky mountain, it had a nice country feel with only a small Main Street, a silent, black and white cinema and a heap of op shops! I filled a bag of goodies, before we found the coolest cafe to bunker down in, for a really nice brew on a colder, rainy old day.

Don’t get me wrong! We made it to the beach a few times, and had a ball every time! We wondered Hasting St and did some window shopping (it was way out of our budget!) We sat in for coffee, ate sushi and treated the kids to a slushy here and there.

We saw the Dego’s at the beach and joined them so the kids could bash the shories on their body boards between the flags, weaving in and around the hundreds of other swimmers. These kids go crazy when they see each other! It’s the best.  Overcast or sunny beach days? Doesn’t matter, they always have the most fun!

The weather turned wet for a couple of days, so we planned to shake this “lack of adventure” feeling by taking a drive up into the sunshine coasts hinterland. We had been offered to stay at a property between Maleny and Montville. Unfortunately we’ve cut our time shorter than first planned in Noosa so this plan fell through, but I was still so keen to head up and have a look, maybe even find a special waterfall or two!
The drive was spectacular, set up on a Mountain ridge, we drove up and down, winding around the most lushest of rolling hills, up roads with the steepest of inclines and along a narrow road with a huge drop off. We saw such a vast, expanding view of the country side  between us, and the coast of Noosa.
The properties up there were looking beautiful and pricey! We saw some amazing wedding venues. The surrounding bush became very green and very dense, before turning into thick kondalilla rainforest!
We found our destination, we were going to hike into the Kondalilla falls, In Flaxton.
The park looks amazing, well paved and maintained. So we did it!

The weather held out for us, and the kids were pumped! It always amazes us how excited for nature the boys get! They bounced through the rainforest, pointing out the tallest trees and the twistiest  vines! They race over the bridges, and then stop to checkout the flowing streams and mini waterfalls. I love how much they love these adventures! It’s kinda hard not to enjoy such amazing natural beauty.

The walk was longer than expected ( about 6kms) thankfully the lookouts and waterfalls along the way kept the kids occupied. It was so pretty! Raff’s legs eventually got tired at the bottom of the mountain climb, so I popped him on my back and proceeded to walk up the hundreds of stairs to the top.. Tough gig! Raff said ” mum why are you so sweaty?” When we reached the top!! Ummmm???! “Who is carrying you up these stairs again Raff?! ” Just incase Nix hadn’t exerted enough energy, he proceeds to jog the last leg up the gradual hill and fly up the last lot of stairs to the car park!

We continued the drive into Montville and then into Maleny. The towns were stunning! So much character and class. I particularly loved Montville. But the pies and food, at CJs Pastries in Maleny, topped the trip!

We hunted further for great tasting extraordinary coffee for our hideous caffeine addiction! We found a place well out of the way in some industrial area called Clandestino Roasters. Wow! If you rolled in money each week, this is were I would recommend you visit for your weekly necessities! Not only can you grab a great coffee along with your choice of multiple fancy cold drip concoctions, tea and kilos worth, of all sorts of coffee beans. You can shop 100% organic and walk out with amazing bakery goods and pre made vegetarian delights! It was one cool warehouse bustling with all sorts of amazing produce and trendy food items. Certainly the place to be this Saturday morning! I must admit, we were also admiring the industrial architectural furnishings aswel!

Our final days with the Degnan’s had arrived and in their usual generous, kind ways they invited us around to their caravan park for a farewell BBQ. Our time on the road with these guys has been pleasantly surprising! It’s not everyday you can meet a family and just click! We’ve formed a Bond with these guys that will last a lifetime and we are all looking forward to future adventures! We are Guna miss them dearly!

3 responses to “Noosa September 5th -11th

  1. Wow Em, your trip looks amazing. Can’t believe you are in Noosa already. Love the pics and blog. Your boys have grown so much. Can’t wait to catch up when you get back and hear all about your awesome trip xxx


  2. Wow Em, your trip looks amazing. Can’t believe you are in Noosa already. Love the pics and blog. Your boys have grown so much. Can’t wait to catch up when you get back and hear all about your awesome trip xxx


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