Rainbow Beach August 28th- 5th September


Just 50 km north along the beach from Noosa sits double island point. A wonderous part of the coast that would produce magic some days! It’s a place that sits high on our list of places we’ve now visited in Australia!
The Fraser coast is adjacent to Fraser Island and is truly a beautiful part of the east coast.


Looking back towards rainbow beach

Rainbow beach in particular, reminded us of our home town in many ways. Its predominately a small coastal holiday destination with one Main Street with all the necessities. Shops, cafes, pub, deli and a beachfront surf club. Our caravan park was conveniently located behind the pub, adjacent to the beach and a nicely maintained reserve, smack bang in the middle of the Main Street. We had everything we could ask for within walking distance, which is a huge plus when you have spent so much time in the car.

We checked in to once again, one of the best sites in the park! It wasn’t beach front but it was the largest grassy site we’ve had yet. We had a front yard, back yard and and a side yard!! We spread ourselves out on every square inch of this site with Lego tents, totem tennis and a clothesline! Simple things are such luxuries these days!!

It was a coincidence that out time overlapped with the Degnans here they had already spent a night mapping out the best watering holes. The pub at the back of the caravan park just had be be trialled, so we all went out one night to give it a whirl. It just so happened to have a designated ( fenced off ) area for the kids. Well of course we put them in there! The staff put a movie on for them and we didn’t really have a care in the world!
It’s “healthy” time apart. As much as we love our children this trip around Australia confined in a tin box has us tripping over one another all day long, so the kids enjoyed their time away, undisturbed by their alcoholic families, just as much as we did.

Waking a little dusty I was keen to drag myself out of bed and jog around the town to check it out, I didn’t get far before the pounding of my steps along the footpath resided in my head. I did this solo as my hungover (3 drink warrior friend, Stanny) was feeling worse for ware!

Nix smashed out some school work just in time for the drive up to double island point for a surf. You take a 25 minute drive up Rainbow beach two hours before or two hours after low tide to reach the end. Any earlier or later could find you surfing your car down the beach as the tide comes right up to the edge of the cliffs.

It was so nice driving up the beach, the rainbow sand cliffs are pretty special and give the beach a unique look we’ve not yet seen before. It’s clear why the beach has been given the name Rainbow beach.

We reached the end and suited up for some fun, long rides on the soft pro! It was only small but these waves were endless! You could catch one almost a few hundred meters down the beach! The sweep along the point was really strong so once you got your ride you had to hop out and walk back to the point for another. It was the best kind of workout! And everyone was loving it! Especially Nix! He was catching the biggest and longest waves yet and nailing it! His got such confidence in his dad, that they were even tandem surfing at one point, having a ball!

One way to top off a fun day is with a BBQ but better still a BBQ on the beach out the back of your car fresh from the surf. The Degnans joined us for one killer midday double island experience.

I got the news through, that my bestie and her family were planning to travel up from the goldcoast to visit us! I also had a good friend from highschool and her family plan to visit too so my excitement for the end of the week was building! We’ve missed all our friends and family since we’ve been away and there’s nothing better then reuniting with them after a good stint away. I can’t bloody wait!

One morning we took a walk down to the surf club. The team from the morning show “sunrise” we’re doing the weather report on the beach with the rainbow beach horse riding crew. We watched on from the sideline and managed to appear in the glimpses on the tv and made the local news paper! Our small claim to fame!! Nixon was in his element! ( loves the spotlight that kid!)



We met one of the biggest legends of the trip! Splinter, yes that was his name! An oldie but a goody! Splinter was our neighbor at rainbow beach who we chatted with multiple times throughout the day. He kinda reminded me of my pop actually, with his great sense of humor. We was often giving us useful tips, he even lent us his membership card to the surf club so we could receive a discount on our meals. He was always looking out for us! We exchanged numbers as he has family in Mollymook, we really do hope one day to catch up with him and his wife again. The kids were just stoked because his name was Splinter like the ninja turtle “Master Splinter”!!

The day had arrived!!! I was awaiting the arrival of my friends and most of all to finally meet the most precious little man I’ll ever have the privilege to
meet! My best friend Danielle and her partner Phil were arriving with their little bub Solomon!
Solomon was born at 25weeks and has endured more than anyone would endure medically in their lifetime! His managed to overcome many hurdles and is thriving under the wonderful care of his amazing parents! The moment I held him I couldn’t control the tears of joy rolling down my cheeks!! It’s one moment in time I’ll cherish forever!

The next few days were fun! Talei and Aaron and their cute boys Marley and Lennox hung out with us! We browsed the local rainbow beach festival, in which the kids enjoyed rides, licorice whist we enjoyed coffee and fresh produce!
We spent hours at the beach at double island point. Pon and Ben we’re stoked having their own underwater photographer in Aaron!! Surf was pumping and the kids were in their element playing in their lair….I mean on the dunes, deep in their imaginative worlds after long shore bashing sessions on their body boards.

It was really special to share Father’s Day with Phil and Dani, we all went to breakfast before I left Pon to wash clothes and look after the kids plus Lennox whilst I ducked down for one final swim with Dani before they traveled home! Sounds really slack but if I remember correctly, I sat on the beach minding the kids in Yallingup whilst Pon surfed on Mother’s Day so it’s even now!
Pon surfed the arvo away before we topped off our rainbow beach experience at the surf club with a juicy steak and vegetables. The $3 sundaes were a hit also!

Yet another awesome week has gone by enjoyed by all!


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