Agnes Water August 19-25th

We had a couple of nights in Rockhampton. After the long journey up the west coast and across the other side of the country, the cruiser was due for a bit of TLC. A wheel alinement, wash, vacuum and a service had her back in fine form, ready for the (dust free) A1 highway down the east coast!

We found a cool free camp that was central to everything we needed and backed onto manicured parklands, with winding pathways, waterfalls and playgrounds.
Pon and I begun our fitness schedule here which had us tender for days.

We survived a near dousing attack in the early hours of the night, which only left us in stitches of laughter in the morning, as I mistook a sprinkler for a potential arsonist! ( I won’t elaborate any further).

Moving on we found ourselves in Agnes water. The first two nights we camped at Workman’s beach campground. It was there that we met another awesome family traveling oz in their final weeks, of a year long journey.
Turns out, I ( creepily ) follow them on Instagram. We all got along like a house on fire. Jay and Emma were frightening similar to us in many ways and their two little girls were just the sweetest! We had two fun days hanging at the beach.


Traveling grommies

Having to book ahead on the east coast, we only just managed to snag 4 nights in the beach front caravan park up the road. Our booking date was due, so we moved a kilometer up the road. The boys were stoked with this travel day, as they got to ride their bikes with me to our new camp spot. It was by far the best travel day they’ve had!


Good to feel the sand again

We scooped in Agnes! We landed the best site in the entire park. Inline with the beach track and only 20m from the sand.
Since the beginning of our trip, Nix has been asking for a decent view outside his bunk window and finally, he could pull back the curtains and check the waves from his bed. Happy days!
We were told from the ever returning (Aggy) grey nomads, that unfortunately the only way these sites come up, are due to ill health or possibly even death of a person!! So we made sure we lapped up every minute on our prized slab of Agnes real-estate. We didn’t take our site for granted, that’s for sure!


Prime real estate

From here, we surfed our little hearts out! It was only half a meter or so each day but the waves had a long wall that we managed to ride on our new soft pro ( that’s right, we are now officially Mal riders) all the way to the sands edge!

We didn’t really leave the beach! The kids drew pictures and had running races in the sand, when we weren’t swimming or surfing. We sat and watched the waves from the van with a coffee in the morning and a beer in the afternoons. Bliss!

Stanny and I went for a run on the beach one morning. As we chatted away, little did we realize, we had run half marathon, of what we later discovered, was almost 8 kilometers!! That explains the weakness in my legs and the tightness in my chest! Lucky I had my 40 year old P.E teacher friend with me, to whip my 30 year old (sloth like) self into shape!!! Although I felt ashamed of my efforts, my age and my ability in comparison, I did enjoy the picture Ben took of Stanny passed out drooling, as she took a sly nanna nap that evening!

We did venture out once to explore the paper bark forest. It was a short walk through a swamp that was picture perfect!

We love driving around new, sea side towns looking for stylish homes. Although we didn’t find too many, we really liked 1770 and Agnes water, it was such a great place to visit!! We loved the climate the most! Warm days and slightly cooler nights…Comes as a relief when your living out of a tin box!

Our time is up! it’s been a pleasure hanging by the oldies in Aggy.. Two people will forever stand out to us.. The 78 year old surfer with the spring in his step that always had the happiest greeting for us each day and the couple that made all the kids home made custard for dessert with a side of fruit salad.
A heart warming crew that made our stay, all the more enjoyable!

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