Litchfield National park NT to Rockhampton August 12th- 17th


We drove south, down to Litchfield National Park. Here, we saw the biggest termite mounds on record ( must admit we are kinda done with termite mounds) but these were of the magnetic variety.
We parked our rig up in the Florence falls carpark and prepped for a small hike down and a refreshing swim. It was a nice easy walk in thankfully, as the midday temperature had peaked at 35 degrees. We found Florence falls and weren’t disappointed. It would have been nice, a little less crowed but it was stunning and well worth the visit!

We walked the 135 steps back up towards the car and drove on to the Wangi falls. We managed to snag the last camp site at 2pm and set up for the night. It was only a 300mtr walk down to the Wangi Falls from our camp so we hung out down there swimming under the waterfall and climbing up to the warm natural spa on the cliff face before joining the non visible fresh water crocodiles that we apparently shared this water with. I never thought I would have comfortably entered such waters but I guess with the local knowledge and information your given and a large number of others swimming nearby, you simply cannot resist such a beautiful experience in such high temperatures. A truly beautiful part of our country!

A memorable game of poison ball back at the camp was a barrel of laughs, but ended in a bloody nose for Nix and a dozen plant spikes in pons finger. My exercise session was cut short, as I had to attend to all of this, which I later felt grateful for. The 2 lots of 20 second planks and 10 push-ups I did.. Left me sore for 3 consecutive days!!! I’m currently the most unfit I have ever been! It doesn’t help that my ‘kankle’ is still recovering from my last attempt at physical exercise either! I’m wondering if it’s much more safe that I stick to happy hour instead?.

I thought if I can’t exercise, I’ll go to some effort to eat a high protein breakfast. Scrambled eggs with sautéed greens on the side. I’d dished everyone else up there serve first and once they were happy I decided to sit out on the step and enjoy this breakfast in the peaceful surrounds of Litchfield national park… I was just about to put the second spoonful to my mouth when a gigantic Kite (bird) swooped down and dove headfirst into my plate scaring me enough to scream and launch my plate into the air, spilling the entire contents into the dusty gravel below.
I was later donated the scraps instead!….Awesome.

From Litchfield we made the long journey south, after a few hours, we made a pit stop at Edith falls for a swim and some lunch. The water was refreshing and just what we needed to keep on driving.


We did another couple of hours and stopped again and Mataranka’s bitter springs. We drifted down a warm, Chrystal clear and turquoise blue spring for a couple of hundred meters, slowly winding through the natural setting of the forest. It was a surreal experience and something I would’ve never done if it wasn’t for the other groups of people jumping in before us. I must admit, I thought of crocodiles nearly the whole way down and flinched everytime a bit of moss touched me, but if you can get passed all that, you could have done it over and over again until you were relaxed and almost half asleep!

We we kinda revived enough to drive yet another couple of hundred Kilometers. We made it down to the historic Daly Waters pub! The camp was dirt cheap and very full. The pub was a must for dinner! Every square inch of the pub is loaded with clothing items….Bras, undies, hats, thongs and walls of identification cards of hundreds of tourists from all over the world! The kids swam in the pool, punching out laps and burning energy which was a perfect end to a full day in the car. The pub is teaming with grey nomads and the one man band… (Stan I think his name was) were killing it up on stage, playing songs from the dinosaur days that got lots of the nomads knees bopping!

The next four days were spent in the car for 8 solid hours. It was a tedious journey, with very brief stops at remote outback roadhouses to top up on expensive diesel that our cruiser was guzzling down, at 30 liters per 100kms in the head winds! We blew our budget in 3 days, just in fuel!
Our first stop just past the qld boarder was a town called Camoweal.. Best $12 lasagne ever! Came with a side of roasted vegetables! Pon thought it was possibly even better then my mums famously good Lasagne! I’m wondering if it was warped judgement, due our lengthy time on the road. It’s enough to make a dry chicken schnitzel score a 10 out of 10!
We liked that old Camoweal pub but felt like a duck out of water amongst the boot scooting Cowboys and cowgirls in there!


Second stop was good old Winton, yet another nice pub meal, that got us through a dicey day on the road!
Our only highlights were smashing through thick clouds of locus plagues and changing up the lyrics to Ben Howard songs we’ve heard on repeat nearly every day for the past three months with our new caravanning lingo!


The kids did exceptional in the car, often hanging out for a further 30 minutes after our arrival from a solid 8 hours cooped up, just so they could finish a movie or some game they had going on the iPad. I’m pretty sure they sparked a new obsession with technology over this time, but we weren’t going to argue with them over time limits, as we had to do what we could to pass these 5 monotonous days on the road as best we could and to stay sane!!

Last stop was a place called Emerald. Best one nighter we’ve had. Instead of most of the sardine like drive thru sites we’ve had on this journey were I’m often woken by neighboring noise as little as a cough or a strangers snore during the night, we had an opportunity to park our selves anywhere we pleased on an open paddock. We parked as far away from other vanners as we could, and right beside a big old Boab tree which was so much better then any of the dust bowls we’ve had over the past 4 nights.


The next day was a sweet three hour journey to reach Rockhampton. The three hours felt like 8 but I think it was purely due to the exhaustion of this outback crossing!

Thank Goodness we made it!
Not sure if we will ever do that stretch again! Definitely not anytime soon, that’s for sure!


One response to “Litchfield National park NT to Rockhampton August 12th- 17th

  1. From the look on yours & Nix’s faces,I think they classify that stretch of the journey as boring as bat shit Emma!
    Welcome home to the East Coast! Love your magic happy snaps!


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