Broome July 25- 31st

It took us a good two days to travel from Karijini to Broome.

Our friends took the coast road from Exmouth heading north, instead of detouring via Karijini. Funny enough, we met up with them at an over night stop at Pardoo station, along with our other friends Mel and Joel, who were also heading towards Broome. The station was set off the A1, via a 9 km dirt road on the coast. It was refreshing to take a dip in the pool after a long day in the car. All the kids enjoyed hanging out at the tree swing and we even had a game of lawn bowls (all thanks to Playschool Stan for making the effort to hire out the bowls.) The parents capped of the day with a few beverages seated on foot stools and buckets due to minimal set ups, whilst the kids wound down around a bag of Lego. One nighters are always a drag, but this one felt like a treat in the company of our fellow traveling families.

The drive between Pardoo and Broome didn’t excite our senses all that much. We passed through Port Headland (on the outskirts) on one side was the (very industrial looking) port and on the other was and a scrap metal yard. I’m sure the town may have been a lot nicer, actually Ben was raving about the 10/10 robo dunnies at the park they had stopped at, but for us, we kept pushing on through the dry and barron landscape looking out the window at spindly dead trees and dust tornados, the temperature was rising and we couldn’t wait to get to Broome and jump in the ocean!

To save some money, we decided to stay at the Pistol club in Broome as it was recommended to us by my friend and his family who seem to be guiding us via their own traveling history and so far it’s proven to be valuable advice.
The pistol club was exactly as it sounded ( a gun club) .. It wasn’t much to look at, but it had friendly caretakers, clean amenities and the cheapest rate going in Broome.
We ditched the van and drove a sweet 4 km to cable beach in search of the ocean.
I must admit, first impression wasn’t good. The place was bustling with backpackers and tourists and the right side of cable beach was like an extension of the A1. It was loaded with cars setting up for the famous cable beach sunsets with the camel trains passing by. It’s the only place I’ve ever witnessed a traffic jam on the sand and we were mortified!! Mind you, this is coming from east coast residents, who are still new to the whole beach driving scene. Beaches on the east coast are only ever populated by people, so it’s a shock to the system to see so many cars in this setting.

The kids enjoyed playing down by the rock pools and got the shock of their lives to see the camels walking by. They couldn’t believe their eyes, and we’re excited to see them all dressed up and linked together, that was until we got down-wind of the 12 or so stinking camels, where Raff’s excitement quickly changed to disgust as he retreated holding his two hands over his nose! I however, managed to capture all this, with the famous Broome sunset behind the camels for a memory to keep for years to come!

Our days in Broome were spent mostly on cable beach. The weather was your standard winters (balmy) 34 degrees most days, without a cloud in the sky.
The kids were frothing over the safe little waves that rolled in towards the picturesque beach. They spent hours catching wave after wave, it was such a treat for Pon and I to watch Raff embrace the waves with his big bro with little fear and reservation.

As blue as the water was, it seemed milky at times, with weird little stingers occasionally. It was nothing to worry the kids over but it certainly reminded you how far north you are, especially when we learned that Cable beach was closed for four days prior to our arrival, due to a saltwater crocodile sighting. It’s not an extremely common occurrence, but one that apparently, is increasing.
Aside from this, it’s too hot not to contemplate a risky swim, and if your talking about safely in numbers than cable beach is the most popular place to be!

We met up with Ben, Stan and the girls a couple of times for a swim/kids surf session before treating the kids to a slushy, a great end to a hot winters day!

Pon and I got to treat ourselves to a date night at the Matso’s brewery, whilst Ben and Stan looked after the kids at their ( posh) caravan park.
We loved to enjoy a Matso’s (alcoholic) ginger beer on the back deck of our Narrawallee hous, many a times, so it was cool to be sitting on Matso’s back deck in Broome, reflecting on our travels, all thanks to our beautiful home we let go for this experience. The meal we had was a little disappointing, but we were kid-free for a sweet three hours and had a nice night regardless. (Thanks again Degos!!!)

We couldn’t NOT return the favor!! we were actually looking forward to kicking Ben and Stan out of their luxurious caravan park so we could live it up on their spacious site, taking dips in their gigantic sized swimming pool to wash away the dust we had collected over at the tight arse pistol club.. So that’s just what we did! Ben and Stan ventured out to the oldest open air cinema in the country to watch a movie, whilst Pon and I had our nails painted by the kids, ate chocolate brownies and kicked back as our beautiful children quietly watched a movie together. It’s been such a treat catching up with these peeps again. And what a nice gesture to be able to give one another!

Pon and Nix got the boat in the water for a fish whilst Raff caught his very first, few waves on Meg’s long board INSTYLE! . His face was priceless once he got to the shore and realized he stood up all the way! He was such a pro!
The boys returned after Nix LOST a big one!! Nix switched places on the mal with his bro. Meg and Ben jumped in the tinny for a turn on the water with Pon and Raff.
After a few hours in the sun we were feeling crispy! The Degos had retreated back to their pool.

Pon and Nix had their second attempt in the boat. Something large latched on again and literally dragged them around the ocean, whilst Pon worked hard to bring in it. After 20 minutes of losing expensive line and gaining no ground, he had to do the unthinkable and cut the line! Defeated and with his tail between his legs, it was not the epic Broome fishing experience he had hoped for.

We rushed back to get showered to meet up with Kath and Greg for sunset drinks at the cable beach sunset set bar.
Kath and Greg were radiating after their week long cruise around the Kimberly’s. They got front row seats for the sunset and stood out from the bustling crowds as we approached. They looked tanned and relaxed as ever when we met up with them, yet again, in Western Australia. It’s been so nice meeting up with them here- there and everywhere. They have such great stories to tell about their travels in and around their fine state and beyond!
The cheeks were hurting at times! We were almost the last ones to leave, the kids had a ball playing on the grass with other little friends they had found.. At one stage they even hitched a ride in the back of tricycle taxi with three other kids, making a poor backpacker ride them around the park. Pon felt bad and slipped him $5 I think. It was so funny!
With the kids left exhausted and asleep on our shoulders we said our goodbyes to Kath and Greg after another fun catch up!

Broome grew on us! It sometimes felt like Byron Bay at times, (without the surf) with the touristy, backpacker thing going on.. Alfresco dinning and beachside bars and restaurants. It’s a very picturesque holiday destination to visit.
Plenty of resorts and tours to keep you occupied. If you come and visit and love Japanese food…. be sure to visit Azuki Japanese restaurant we thought it was a 10/10! Nixon rates it a 9/10 – 1 point deducted from the splinter he got from the chopstick.


Azuri Japanese lunch date with these two wannabe ninjas

So long to the coast and the sea, it’s all crocodiles and springs from here!

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