Monkey Mia June 16-20th


Heading further north we stopped in at the Dolphin capital of WA.
After our amazing dolphin experience in Whyalla, on the Eyre Peninsula, we were almost certain we couldn’t possibly top that wild encounter with such beautiful creatures. Do we by Monkey Mia?!
Driving the WA coastline is by far one of those trips we will never forget and are currently loving! The ever changing scenery and diversity of this place has to be seen to believe! You can travel a few hundred kilometers and feel like you’ve entered a new country! So to drive on past Monkey Mia would be a big mistake. You need to see things for yourself in order to put that piece of the puzzle in place and gather your own opinions and experiences. We’ve come this far, so we might as well pop in for a look!
First impressions – not your typical resort.. A tad run down for what you pay and a slight rabbit warren appearance.

We set up only 50 meters from the beach, once we were done we wondered down for a look. It was on dusk and the sun was beginning to set. The bay was like glass, there wasn’t a breath of wind. We walked up to the jetty and on our return we saw three dolphins cruise right up to the shore, close enough to almost kiss our feet! The sky was turning an illuminate orange and the the dorsal fins of the dolphins all around us became black in contrast to the sky. It was one of the most beautiful images I’ve ever seen. The kids decided they would race them along the shore, the Dolphins somewhat unaware of the pleasure they brought us, and the few onlookers still on the beach. We returned to the van excited for the next four days here. The boat was coming off the roof, the rods were being set up and the weather was set to stay fine.

We spent most mornings eating breakfast outside again in the sunshine, with an occasional emu creeping up behind you. They don’t understand the concept of personal space those birds!
The boys enjoyed lazy mornings playing Lego, before we hit the beach for a swim. The water temperature is still quite brisk and only allows for a quick dip.
We met a nice family of five also traveling Aus, they had only booked one night at Monkey Mia. The kids hit it off with the three girls immediately and hitched a few rides with them in there kayak, before taking off to the hot tub for a couple of hours for some whirl-pool production.
Later that evening Pon and I took the five kids down to the beach to hunt for pippies, as we had planned to take the boat out the next day. The kids excitement and enthusiasm was all time and we ended up collecting 60!

The sunsets at Monkey Mia are unmissable! One side becomes a bright colour palette of pinks and purples that transforms the sea into a velvety blanket of pink! Whilst the other side transforms from a bright blue right down to a red and orange. It’s something my iPhone just cannot capture anywhere near well enough to replicate. We spent some afternoons at the monkey bar at happy hour just mesmerized and in ore of the beauty! That was in between intense foozeball games with the kids!!

We had no success with the pippies out in the boat! None whatsoever but we saw some turtles and Dolphins of course, which was nice anyway when cruising about. Word on the town was that the fishing in Monkey Mia was quiet and that Denham was better.. We got a sneaky tip about a little lagoon in between so we were keen to check it out!

The resort run daily dolphin feedings a few times a day. I wasn’t all that keen to go but thought, worse case, the kids might learn a few more facts about them. We turned up to the 7:45am feed fashionably late of course! The crowd was huge as I knew it would be! The kids couldn’t see a thing, the Dolphins were swimming about like we had seen them do every time we’d been down the beach.. They rattled off their names and a bit of history but I didn’t want the kids fretting about being the few ‘chosen’ to feed the Dolphins so we walked them up on the jetty instead to get a better look and get out of the crowd. To our surprise we saw a couple of turtles floating below us! That for us, was worth the rush to get down there! We certainly cannot top our interaction at Whyalla with the wild Dolphins we had all to ourselves. We were reassured, that what we experienced was so much more special than Monkey Mia purely because it wasn’t over commercialized. I Would still highly recommend coming to Monkey Mia for anyone wanting to get up close and personal with dolphins as It’s a pretty special place.

We planned to catch up on some school work, then head out to a place called the little lagoon. A man was cleaning up some yellow tail bream and gave our neighbor the heads up, so we thought we would trail along and try for ourselves. This place is stunning. It Looks like an oversized turquoise water hole, and to think you would catch decent fish in it is surprising, as it looks like it’s closed off to the ocean. But hey! We wanted to hand out by it any way, so we might as well try!
Pon and Nix ventured out to waist deep water and cast off into the middle! They were getting bites instantly! And before we knew it they were reeling in decent sized bream! Nix turned a whitish shade of blue and had to come in to defrost, so I took his place and instantly, Pon and I found ourselves in a double hook up of even more Bream! It was super fun and we walked away with six in a bag!
We took them to Denham to clean them up and learnt that we were the envy of others around the table who were cleaning way bigger fish then ours and that our fish were much better eating compared to all their eskies full of cod and snapper they had caught. We also learnt that the locals were surprised to hear of fish being caught in the little lagoon! So we were feeling pretty chuffed! We also found out we dodged a few bullets with the stonefish that reside in there along with the odd lemon and bull sharks!!!
We risked our lives for those bream in that sweet little lagoon and what a fine dinner they made!

One response to “Monkey Mia June 16-20th

  1. * No doubt about it Lees x 4, you guys are living the ultimate dream!
    My many thanks once again for giving us an awesome glimpse into life in the fabulous outdoors of W.A.
    I sincerely believe we all wish we could pop in on you to share in your adventures on the journey. You little lucky ducks – Chris & Mills!!
    A huge 7th Birthday “Hip, Hip, Hip & Hooray” to you Nix for tomorrow. Enjoy every magical moment buddy! Love you 4. XXXX


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