Bali holiday from our holiday – May 30- June 9

The day arrived!! We were all packed and ready to take a short break from our life in a van on the Australian roads and hit the sky for a touch of island delight!

We dropped our Rig at Kath and Greg’s secured factory. Kath drove us to the airport. The nerves had settled. It was time to relax and take every moment as it comes, its way to late to abort now!
We’re checked in and settled in a cozy airport cafe/restaurant ordering a few nibbles and drinks to begin trip.
The flight was a breeze. The boys kept me busy, requesting books to be red, we even conquered some school work in the skies!

Our baggage collection was the worst! Delayed by more then 90mins!! After arriving at 9:15pm, having to wait all that time was like torture! Our eyes were becoming increasing heavy, Raff got his second wind after a short nap on the plane, so he was cheering! The rest of us were happy to reach our beds in Sanur by 11:30 pm.
We started most mornings with a dip in the pool followed by a delicious breakfast. This particular little home stay we booked in Sanur was practically on the beach, perfect for a couple of overnighters at $60 a night, with breakfast included and a nice plunge pool, what more could you ask for? We nailed the random Internet accommodation we’d booked.

We were keen to wonder along the footpath and check out the warangs along the beachfront. It’s always so weird arriving in the dark and waking up somewhere so unfamiliar. The boys were blown away! Bali is So different in so many ways to our country. We are going to enjoy seeing the boys interpret all the differences in their own way, it will be so interesting.
The first was their reaction our transfer car at the airport. Nix got the shock of his life to see all the drivers bunched together in a swarming frenzy holding up signs with people’s names on it.. “I said look for Lee!” And before we knew it, he yells “Jon Lee!” ” but how do they know Dads Name?”

I had Raff nearly hyperventilate because he didn’t have a seatbelt on! I’ve spent the first few years of his life enforcing seatbelt safety so much that he almost died when he couldn’t wear one! He soon adapted well and went on to enjoy the craziness of the all transport and very much felt like big boys to be out of their car seats!

We wait around for our boat transfer to Lembongan after breakfast on the beach and a juicy fresh coconut. The boys are tired from the late arrival and getting touchy. Raff seems to be attracting so much attention from the skippers of the ‘Scoot Cruise’ staff. One guy in-particular, try’s his best to get Raff’s attention but Raff was too timid to meet his enthusiasm.

After a quick 30 minute boat ride we arrive in the most amazing turquoise waters of Nusa Lembongan! We were wowed! This place looks perfect! We see a few surf breaks with well formed barrels peeling left and rights! Floating pontoons with slides and white sandy beaches lined with warangs and fancy cafes. We are in for a treat!
Our resort transfer piles us, our luggage and 6 others and their luggage into the back of a tiny Suzuki truck, the boys ride up front with the driver and we weave our way through the rustic narrow streets of the island, dodging chickens, dogs, fellow tourists and a maze of tooting scooters.

We arrive midday in the heat, walk some back alleys through, what I was only imagining, to be an internet accommodation booking scam- the surrounds looked very unappealing! And I was getting worried. We finally make our way down the last alley way and see a glimpse of that stunning water, turn the corner and we’re back on the beachfront and walking into our resort! Phew, it actually looked like the picture i’d seen on the Internet!
We check in to our room only meters from the waters edge and get another nice surprise. The family room is so much bigger then we expected all this space is certainly going to cure us from the confinement issues of the van! We quickly change into our gear and hit the beach! This is going to be epic!!!!

Our days consist of multiple swims in our pool overlooking the shipwrecks surf break. Our restaurant was on the beach beside our pool with views down to playground and lacerations . We took trips out to a few cafes/restaurants that had been recommend to us where we ate and drank till our hearts were content, often swimming in their pools overlooking amazing beaches. It was a life of pure overindulgence and luxury. We often booked late afternoon massages in a nice spa close by our accommodation. Life was pretty good!!

We hired a boat out front to take us out  to the reef, a short 10 minute ride to surf playgrounds and snorkel with the kids. Pon and I alternated in snorkeling with the kids and surfing until the boys had enough, opting to rest in the boat.. Our captain pushed Pon to go surfing assuring him the kids would be fine. So he did the unthinkable and left them in view floating in a boat by our break whilst we surfed together! The boys happily waved to us. All was a dream!

The days that followed the surfed picked up, leaving the waves far from my comforts, but an absolute dream for Pon. Daily, he jumped aboard the boats with fellow Aussie  surfers from our bugalows that befriended us and off he went, surfing the islands all-time waves, each time increasing his confidence and enjoying himself well and truly without the stress and pressures of the fatal risk of shark attacks we’ve faced back home on the WA coastline.

Since we were away.. Two fatalities had occurred, one was in Falcon- a place we stayed for almost a week. Pon had surfed that exact break a week prior to the attack. The stress and fears were real!

We caught up with some friends from home that coincidently were visiting Lembongan the same time we were. They were staying only a few hundred meters down the beach from us. We loved seeing some familiar faces and the kids enjoyed playing with Lani and Kade till late in the night by the beach, after we dined. Pleasant surprise enjoyed by all!

The kids loved learning bits and pieces of the Indonesian language, often practicing their manners at the dinner table to the waiters and waitresses. Raff was a massive hit on the island, quiet often he had his cheek pinched and was repeatedly told he was handsome.. He even began to start telling people that he was handsome!!! Now that was cute!
Nix caused a fuss at the dinner table one night when his last wobbly front tooth fell into his Nasi Gorang.. As we were excitedly looking through his rice dish, the waiters rushed over to make sure our food was ok, expecting that we had found something horrible! There was Nix, sitting wide eyed and ecstatic with a gapping big hole in his gums! We all burst into laughter!! Even the lady beside us decided to pay Nix some rupiah for his dramatic loss! Even Raff got paid…. You guessed it! Because he was handsome!!
That night Nix was excited for the Indonesian tooth fairy to come as he believed he was going to be paid thousands!!!! (rupiah of course)

The trip eventually came to an end, but we can honestly say, time went super slow in comparison to our already relaxed l, non working, caravanning holiday. We didn’t have to make beds or clean anything. No meals were planned or made- just ordered and eaten. No shopping or washing had to be done just the simple pleasures of waking, swimming, eating , drinking, surfing, reading, massaging and sleeping on repeat each day. It was the laziest most coziest, and realaxing days of our lives and thankgod we chose to do it. The sun shone a perfect 30 degree day each day and our tummies thankfully remained healthy the whole holiday.

Best part.. We return to Australia to  continue our holiday with two total legends who’ve decided they would visit us. See you soon Chris and Mills!!



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