Perth- May 22nd -30th


Perth! We’re here! For some reason I was looking forward to reaching Perth, like it was some sort of land mark! Not sure why. Maybe it was because we were meeting up with my brother here…maybe because we were flying out to Bali from Perth, what ever it was, it was a sense of achievement to finally reach this city! We had planned to stay for 8 nights which was also exciting, as the longer the stay, the more it feels like a short holiday. You tend to relax into it. This particular caravan park was definitely more like a resort.
We discovered three large swimming pools! One for laps- solar heated. One pool was hotter then a bath ( the spa) and the other, a good looking, but totally useless lagoon pool (Freezing!) The temperature these days over here is down to roughly 14 degrees, so it was rather nice to have the option to swim laps or laze in the oversized spa bath!
Which we did a lot! Laps and lazing!
The kids were so stoked. Raff mastered swimming better then he has ever done before. His finally relaxed and has enjoyed experimenting with his underwater swimming abilities, even to the point of diving deep for objects! What a world of difference one week can do!

The boys have made some cool little mates since being here. Raff, impressing us again with his confidence to make friends on his own account and not in the shadow of his older brother.
There are a few families in this park that are traveling but residing here due to temporary work commitments, so it gave the kids a good opportunity to get to know one an other a little better before one or the other takes off on the road again.
Nixon even found a boy his own age to play with, which has been a first. He and Raff enjoyed common interests with the kids over Lego and the “Ninjago” obsession!

We took the kids to a science place called SCITECH. It was the best $57 we’ve spent. The kids had such a ball playing and observing all the different science stations set up. There were hundreds of different experiments and stations set up that kids could touch, push, pull or play with. Everything was hands on and quite interesting, often sending your brain into a twist with how on earth some of these things would work. We spent the entire day there laughing and playing! It was so much fun.  We went to a space observatory screening. The dome cinema ceiling came to life with stars and galaxy’s whilst a wealth of information was provided as it took us on what felt like a rollercoaster ride of motion throughout space. It even had a life like dinosaur exhibition that kept Raff guessing at their every roar or movement. He seemed increasingly unsure of that place.. Often grabbing at my leg but denying he was the slightest bit scared!

We took the kids to one of the best parks we’ve seen! It was designed like a pirate ship and was at least 60 meters long with multiple slides, caves, bridges and activities. It was in a very ‘well to do’ area just out of Perth called Heathcoat. Whist the kids were scanning for parks, Pon and I were breaking our necks over the real-estate We were seeing!! Streets full of the biggest mansions we’ve ever seen! Clearly the park had been well suited to this area!
We kept driving back south to check out Freemantle. I’m so glad we did! We loved Freemantle, it had so much history and charm to its streets, they were alive with trendy restaurants, cafes and cool boutiques. We strolled the markets and picked up some nice alternative food before hitting the Little Creatures Brewery up for a beer or two by the water. It was packed, like it was the place to be! People everywhere enjoying the company of friends or family by the waters edge, the food looked amazing and the kids were loving the gigantic sized sandpit they could play in ( secretly we were loving that sandpit too!)

We caught up with some family of Pons, Kath and Greg live in Northbridge and have so kindly offered us to leave our car and caravan behind when we fly out to Lembongan, locked up safely in one of their factory’s here.

We caught some public transport into the guts of the city for a day out. We sniffed out a couple of the the Cities finest cafes for coffee and did a little shopping. Kids love these city visits. They are always so intrigued by the sheer number of people around them and all the cool and crazy shops they find. We dined in a funky roof top restaurant called ‘ The Avery ‘ the food was awesome and kids got to rest their little legs on the big corner lounge overlooking the city streets below.
One building stands out from the rest in Perth and that’s the architectural design of the Bell tower! The boys enjoyed the elevator ride to the top to play the original bells The view of the city from up there was pretty amazing.
Afterwards we made our way to Kath and Greg’s place, from there we went down for some drinks at the Northbridge Brewing company. (Kath and Gregs local watering hole) They explained that Northbridge is the ‘Kings Cross’ of Perth, which surprised is as we thought it could have been the upper class part of the city. But later on Nixon had nearly missed an empty bottle of Jim beam to the head thrown by some dodgy group of squatters. It really was the kings cross of Perth!  Besides that, we had a great night in their company. If it wasn’t for them making our circumstances so easy for this quick trip to Bali we would never have entertained the idea. But they insist that we will love it and have been very generous in making our trip happen! We can’t thanks them enough!

Final days in Perth were spent preparing for our trip to Bali, let’s hope this trip is a success as lately I’ve heard some disaster stories and I won’t lie! I have my reservations about our decision. I can only hope that we don’t fall victim to Bali belly or some medical crisis with the kids! I know it sounds so negative but We are out of our comforts taking the kids there, but honestly…. what’s normal about anything we’ve chosen to do this year. It’s all about living outside the square and pushing the boundaries for the amazing memories and real life experience. So Let’s just do it!

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