Lancelin – Sand storm! May 20-22nd

After escaping the potential Wanted, crazed bushman, we cut our stay shorter than intended at Falcon and fled to reunite with our friends in Lancelin for a few days.

We arrived at a basic beachfront caravan park. The lady at the front desk had warned us of the severe weather warning and was urging us to take the sites around the back instead of on the beach as it would be much more protected! pffff! We’ll be right! Besides, our friends are there, and AS IF you wouldn’t take the beach front sites!!!

We decided it would be best to do a minimal set up and before long we were at the local pub with a couple of ‘happy hour’ drinks in hand enjoying the sunset whilst the kids were frolicking in the beer garden. Happy days! Not a care in the world!

The wind was definatley picking up though.  We got home, fed the kids and put them to bed. Adults retreated to the caravans, in which, little did we know, we would now stay for the next 24/48 hours!!!

The wind continued to pick up, the extreme gusts were rocking our van from side to side consistently through the night. Our air vents roared with the strong winds rushing through them excentuating the sound effects of the storm. The rain pelted the tin roof and walls from every angle keeping us wide awake all night! I tried to imaging I was in a cradle or pram -like a baby being rocked to sleep! Side to side swaying motion, with severe white noise blasting around us. Unfortually this did not send either of us to sleep. Quite the opposite. I resorted to pushing a pillow over my head, trying to drown out the sheer loudness of the storm! I think it helped but come the early hours of the morning, the kids were woken and squished between us, saying they felt scared by the wind, oblivious to the fact they had slept through most of the nights intensity. Judging by the way our heads felt that morning , we didn’t get much sleep!!

The amenities were only a few meters away but as you stepped out the door to the caravan your arm was nearly ripped off by the wind catching the surface of the door and smashing it back against your will! You had to shield your eyes from the fine grains of sand that was peppering your face as you braved the elements.

Our site was perched behind large sand dunes and the wind was now throwing buckloads of this stuff all over the park. This was to go on the entire time we stayed here. We had sand anywhere and everywhere you could imagine. It even made its way by the handfuls into locked plastic containers we had sitting underneath our boat on the roof of the car!

We spent the entire next day in the caravan reading books, watching movies, playing board games trying to pass the time. This part wasn’t so bad. But as far as experiencing the beauty and adventure we were hoping to get here in Lancelin. We weren’t so lucky. We were lucky to make it through this storm still with a van standing upright and our belongings intact and not damaged.

As for the sand. We will start the cleanup which will seemly go on for days as it rattles out of every nook and cranny of the van.

After two nights we can’t take it anymore and we we make our way back to Perth. There are more options and places to retreat to in this horrible weather and we need to prepare for our trip to Indo. Hopefully the next time we head north to Lancelin we can make up for unfinished business!


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