Falcon/Miami May 16th – 20th

We were keen to get the boat off and do some fishing this week and we found the perfect spot to pull in, as it was right on an estuary – peel inlet. We had a heap of space, a boat ramp to our right and a nice boardwalk for the kids to ride bikes along the foreshore.
We set up for a week and put up the annex ( first time since leaving ) up to make ourselves that bit more cosy!

The first day we got there we had just enough daylight to take the kids on the bike path for a ride to look around .I ran along side them until we found a nice little reserve. We did some exercise and and returned home just on dusk.
The boys got busy getting the boat ready to take out.
We had nice friendly neighbors scattered around us which always puts you at ease with any new stay. But there was this one character that had set up 20 meters to the back of us that looked like something straight off the set of the movie Castaway! He had long bushy hair with a beard to match, he wore camouflage pants, a shirt with many rips and gloves with the fingers cut off. On his shoulder sat a wild looking cockatoo called scratchy that went with him wherever he was, often just wondering around his tent. He had no car, just a kayak and some hunting gear. Out of passing conversation we learnt he had lived out bush for the past 8 months. Who was this guy? You should never judge a book by its cover right?

Anyway we were ready for a day on the water, we were keen to try for blue swimmer crabs with the pots. We found a spot and threw them in, we were catching loads of crabs (much to Raffs horror ) but they were all under size. We continued trying until an Eagle Ray decided to make life hard for us, often perching itself over the crab pot sucking away at the bait bag. It was pest of a thing and Raff was freaking out, thinking I was going to pull it into the boat so we knew were were going to have to pull up the anchor and try somewhere new.
We drove around to the cut, to try for some salmon. No luck. We found a nice protected spot to anchor, only to reel in crab after crab that would grab ahold of the bait and go for the ride to the surface. Nix loved it but Raff can’t stand anything with a stinger or a set of nippers, so he found it better to lay back with a blanket and eat instead.

The crabs were still to small. We unfortunately called it a day and left empty handed.
Later that afternoon we ran the bike track again as Raff has a real love of the freedom he gets out on his bike these days. His little legs are getting stronger each time and one day he hopes to beat his big bro In a race!

The days were nice but you can tell that winter is approaching.

We took a short 10 minute drive into Mandurah, it’s becoming quite built up as we approach Perth. Loads of big housing estates and shopping centers. If it wasn’t for the estuaries we would have driven straight through.
Mandurah itself is quite nice. We enjoyed a coffee down on the esplanade while the kids played at the park. We were searching for a few bits at the shops. On our way home Pon got a short surf in what looked pretty ordinary. Before we returned home again.

This Bushman was growing on us. We learnt that he was quite social amongst the other grey nomads, often having a beer or two sharing his fishing expertise and quite often some unusual stories of the bush. He was always polite and interested in your day’s activities and willing to share a tip or story in passing. Once, even helping Pon rig up a rod with some new tackle. But it wasn’t unusual for him to drop a line of sheer horror in his stories, one in particular was that he unable to feel his fingers because of the handcuffs! “Bloody coppers” he said! Nixon overheard this, and in shock was pulling at my shirt in front of this guy, trying to ask me why he had been in handcuffs! I nearly died and was shhhhhing him to stop! Little statements like this one, sparked even more curiosity into who this guy actually was!  what his past was like? was he wanted by the cops? He all of a sudden shaved his hair and beard. Does he have family? What was he capable of? You didn’t ask too many questions that’s for sure!

Pon and Nix took the boat out again and we knew the weather was going to turn. They cleaned up on the new tackle and caught 10 herring! They were out for most of the day and had a great time.
I took Raff up to the duck pond to let him feed the ducks, then on to the park to play. We spotted 4 dolphins in close at the local boat ramp in a feeding frenzy. We rode back and then took off to the local cafe where Raff proceeded to tell anyone he saw look at him, that he was on a date with his mum! I loved this one on one time I had with him and I’m sure he loved rivaling in the attention he got from me. As did Nixon from his dad.

We had to get some things again in Mandurah again so we drove in and didn’t get back till just on dark.
Our bushman friend had been on the beers all day. As we pulled up we overheard him going off! threatening to kill someone. Oh shit! He was ranting something about his cockatoo and that how dare someone tell him he should’ve got a black one?! It was as simple as that!
Our elderly neighbor had been in his firing line and was now the target of his uncontrollable rage!

Pon drove off to the shops not long after we arrived back to get some hot chips. This guy run up to our car, literally foaming at the mouth. Beer in one hand frothing over, with an enraged look upon his face. Pon wound down the window thinking he would cop a punch to the head. We drive a similar car to the man his wanting to kill and he mistaken Pon for him.
I later

received a phone call from Pon at the shops telling me to lock the door and stay inside.
He told me what was happening and was almost certain we should leave tonight!!!
We quickly lost our appetite for the herring and chips we were about to dish up.
We heard him going off at times throughout the night. I found myself googling wanted WA men.!!! I’m sure I found a picture that resembles this guy. We didn’t leave, but got very little sleep that night.
That Morning that crazed bushmans tent was quite. He didn’t rise. Our poor old neighbor told us he had him come over to his van and threaten to kill him at least 4 times throughout the night. He was scared stiff! Everybody heard of the commotion and one couple even had this guy knock on there caravan at 1am asking them to let him in because he thought if he stayed outside another minute he was going to shoot this guy. He clearly was out of his mind, and didn’t trust himself with his actions. I’m so grateful it wasn’t our van he knocked on that night and that the kids remained oblivious to the event. But that next day I’d never seen so many vans clear out so fast! I think about 8 left! We hadn’t decided to leave but once we saw everyone leaving we would have been the only one left … Just us and him!
There must have been a thousand complaints as the manager came down and told him he had to leave otherwise the cops were coming to kick him out.

Very eventful! First weirdo we’ve encountered and hopefully the last.

We left for Lancelin north of Perth. It was a shame as the park was awesome with very nice and now apologetic staff.

Barley took a picture this stay sorry.

3 responses to “Falcon/Miami May 16th – 20th

  1. It was very unfortunate & scary for you guys to have encountered the displaced man with severe mental health issues. Unfortunately, his personality highs & lows & appearance resemble Bipolar Disorder, which when not medicated, can bring a life of catestrophic extremes for him & particularly the people who are exposed to his environment.
    Let’s hope he receives some medical support & conselling as his life is a scary place for him.


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