Dunsborough- Bussleton May 10-16th

After spending a little time visiting friends in Yallingup. We had to stick around and check out the northern region and this fine stretch of coast. We felt like we had a couple more brewery visits and beaches to explore, and with time up our sleeve, why rush this?!
From Margaret River we moved 45 minutes to a place called Marybrook, on the boarder of Dunsborough and Busselton. We were only a short drive back to Yallingup to surf but far enough on to explore a few new towns. We set up for another week.

The caravan park was ok. The kids park was in view, with a large grassed area for some ball games, the people beside us were lovey but the rest of the park was a tad run down, with way too many permanents for my liking.
The kids disappeared to the games room one day without telling us. It was a nice opportunity to bring up the stranger danger talk as its the one thing on this trip I will always worry about. Every parents biggest fear!! So I guess it was a nice refresher moment for us all to keep On our toes and keep the boundaries tight.

First couple of days we spent trying to organize some loose business ends that caught up with us. It’s been tough trying to sort them out from the other side of the country when all our paper work is locked away in a shipping container!
Nixon also had a research project this Set so we were busy making a movie presentation on his topic of choice- The bottle Nose Dolphin. He chose this topic from our magical experience we had with dolphins in Whyalla in South Australia. We had loads of pictures and videos of them, so he was keen to work this into his project, it will be a great one to look back on in years to come.

The second night we were in invited to a BBQ by Ben and Stan who were on their last nights stay in Yallingup. They were staying at an awesome park opposite the surf beach. They watched sunsets from there caravan each night and bragged constantly! We were excited to catch up with them and experience the high life with them in tendy Yallingup.
We got there early so the Pon could get a surf in.  I was keen to lap up the sun that was to finally shine and light up the incredible lagoon that lines the beach in front of the surf break. The kids played with the longboard and snorkeled around looking through the turquoise, clear waters at the many schools of fish below. It was magic! Stan and I bobbed around with the kids even squeezing on the extra small mask for a squiz underneath the water ourselves! Pon was happy with his surf and when he came in we washed up for a nice arvo looking at the beautiful western sunset grazing on cheese and biscuits over a few drinks.
The kids played happily in the tent before being invited over to play with some new kids in a marathon of musical statues, and what’s the time mr wolf! They danced their little butts off and loved every minute of it! Nixon returned home telling me he had the best night of his life!!! And Raff of course repeating the exact sentence out of his brothers mouth…. Fun night had by all!

The next day we returned to Yallingup to check the waves again. If only we could wake up before 8am! By the time we got there the wind is ripping in! Such lazy, spoiled Nomads we are! who like our rountineless mornings way too much. We pay a price! We move on to check out Bunker Bay. No waves, so we drove on to the northern Cape and saw the sugarloaf rocks. We then found ourselves on a wicked 4wd track hunting down some waves we saw further down the coast from that lookout.
Hold on to your horses!!! That track was nuts! At times I couldn’t help but imagine the brakes failing us on the steep inclines that overlooked the large body of Indian Ocean that was staring us down through the windscreen. The large swell lines came closer and closer in view. The track seemed to get deeper and steeper as we approached the break.
We made it!!
What a find! It’s name was ‘Three Bears’ it didn’t seem cosy and innocent like its nursery rhyme kinda name, it was quite the opposite. The rip was roaring out along the rocks the waves were solid, fast and unforgiving. The ocean was dark and deep and we were happy to sit on the beach and watch the locals go at it.
We thought someone had left a camera behind as it was perched up on a few rocks in the dunes, as Nixon and Pon soon realized. It was yet again another memorial of a man who lost his life in the sea here.

It’s been nice this week.  We’ve been getting right into our exercise again, starting the days off with a run along the pathway out the front of our caravan park that winds us in-between the beach out the front and these extravagant mansions. One the first day I ran, I found a yoga studio up the road. I secured a spot and joined a class one morning which I loved.
Raff is killing it on his bike these days and joined us in a couple of family exercise sessions. The kids rode and us parents ran along side them stopping every 5 minutes to do a stationary exercise. The kids loved to come up with there own moves we had to do. Leaving us, often,  in a crippled state of laughter!

We took the boys to the movies in Busselton to see Angry Birds, and afterward strolled the Busselton esplanade, but the wind was cutting us to the bone so we retreated back to the comforts of our Tin Box for the rest of the day.

With the wind and the swell at its best we checked Bunker Bay again Everyman and his dog was there. This place is cool as it has a cute licensed cafe overlooking the beach and it’s one of those places that only breaks if everywhere else is huge and onshore. So it was on! We parked miles away from the beach amongst the swarm of cars and made our way down. There were at least 30 guys in the water when we checked it but the moment we get down to the beach there are a only 3 guys in the water and a huge crowd standing on the shore. Instantly we knew! SHARK! I betchya! A jet ski was zooming around out past the waves as there was a bodyboarding Competition on further down the beach and had spotted a 4 meter great white shark lurking around. So standard! What’s with this coast line! It’s hectic! A local said he wasn’t risking it, as a guy was chomped here once before! This day… Again. We sat and watched form the sand. The kids skimmed the shore line with some body boards and had a ball. We treated ourselves to a bunker coffee which was epic. It was cool watching the hell men surf the waves regardless. But seriously! They must have the biggest balls!

We found an ice creamery rated in the top 15 in the world so we couldn’t say no! It even boasted about its ice cream eating emus.

The very last day we checked in to Eagle Bay Brewery for an afternoon of fine beer and food. Set on a beautiful property overlooking eagle bay and lush green paddocks… the kids could run and play – kick a ball even. We sat back and picked at a local cheese plate and reflected on our memorable times had here in the south west!
Very much worth a trip and make sure you allow lots of time! You won’t regret it.

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