Parry beach / Denmark April 27th -30th

I was really looking forward to this stretch of coast. Denmark in particular, as so many fellow travelers had talked it up as a quaint little town with boutiques and cafes and a stunning coast line.
We had decided to stay at a camp south of Denmark called Parry beach, so we made sure we did a drive by check of Denmark’s local beach break to get a better feel for this cute coastal town. We were stopped by the surf club at a road block, which we were told was the filming production for For Tim Winton’s ‘Breath’ starring Simon Baker! Unfortunately I wasn’t as lucky as my friend Stan, who fell helplessly in love with him when her eyes locked with his in the local Denmark pub, but it was cool to know he was somewhere near by and that the book Tim Winton had written, was being relived in this stunning part of the country.
After checking the local beach before it was to be in ‘lock down’ for filming it was yet again, another beautiful WA beach… with turquoise waters and sparkling white sand. The weather is looking grim and we hurry on to find our camp and set up before it turns nasty.
We passed some beautiful properties which started to remind me of home a little. The area was green with gum trees and paddocks and occasionally we would pass a sign to an array of specialty places… A fancy chocolate factory, fudge lounge, cheese factory, winery and then a cidery boasting fresh icecream and condiments. That’s it! We had to pull in. I picked up a four pack of the local elephant rocks mixed ciders, brewed on site and the kids some fresh fruit infused ice-creams and continued on.

Parry Beach camp was in a prime position. It sat upon a headland amongst the coastal bush land overlooking the beach back towards elephant rocks. Our friends Ben and Stan with the girls came along too.
We no sooner set up and it Rained. We drove down the beach and knew this place had potential for waves and good fishing. The location was perfect But with the weather setting in who knows what we will happen.

Something went wrong back at the last camp with the settings on our battery. It had very little charge to power the van, even though we had been hooked up to power the last 24hours! This is not good. We had planned to stay on for a few days and the weather forecast was rain for a week but we now needed to rely on the sun to charge up our battery via the solar panel. I turned on the tap and the lights would dim. Bad sign!

We woke the next day to more rain and what’s better.. wind! I tried to make the most of the bad weather by catching up on school work for the week whilst Pon and Ben scored a Morning of unbelievable waves they were raving about! In the little breaks of weather the kids rode bikes and we played a number of board games but over all we were trapped in the caravan with little power to charge a light and the water pump at the same time. A shit load of Lego sprawled around the floor space of the van. no tv. No music and very little reception. Out under our awning, it was filled up with wet, clean laundry I was trying to dry from the previous camp. All that was blown over into the dirty sand leaving it now wet dirty laundry! Great!
I felt the onset of the caravan “irrets” coming over me. Or so I thought.

The sun rise was beautiful in the morning and I had some faith that the weather would turn. It was bitterly cold. The kind of cold that restricted blood flow to the fingers and the toes. The wind was off shore and and waves were pumping. We waited for a break in the weather and drove down the beach a few hundred meters to the break. It was rights and lefts breaking all over the place. A solid 3 – 4 foot and looking good. Pon and Ben were in heaven, but for me… I just couldn’t shake the downer I was on! It was the worst feeling! I’m not sure why! Feeling a little homesick maybe? Or is Cabin Fever an actual thing? Whatever it was it I had it! Thanks to Stan for the push , I jumped into the ocean for a paddle with her and a few white wash waves to try and brighten up. It sure did help a little!

Back to the caravan we went for yet another day inside. By the afternoon we’d had enough! We ventured out to check out the sights regardless of the weather and the wind, we were off to Elephant rocks and The Green pools. Both are supposed to be spectacular sights and we saw the potential but unfortunately the green pools were rough and wild and completely blowing a Gail! Elephant rocks was cool. The rocks do look like a big heard of elephants and we sat and took in the sights with an infamous elephant rocks cider whilst the kids climbed to the tops of rocks and sand dunes burning off a little energy from the last 24/48 hours worth of captivity we’ve had.
The parents couldn’t believe how happy and well the kids were coping with the confinement of the caravan life from the couple of cooped up days we’ve had, us parents could learn a thing or two from these extremely resilient and adaptable kids we have.


We took a drive back into Denmark and visited the Boston brewery for a few drinks (we certainly needed) and a light meal by a big warm fire. It was nice to sit by the table with actual elbow room and enjoy the company of my husband whilst the kids played happily in the kids corner. We admired the interiors of the brewery which sparked plenty of conversation for the design of our next project back home.
Poor Nix was still struggling with his extremely wobbly front tooth so once the wingeing began we took called it a night..

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