Two Peoples Bay / Albany April 25th- 27th

I found a cheap caravan park 30minutes East of Albany and close to Two Peoples Bay National park. $22 pn for power, water, and best of all… FREE laundry!! Our friends Ben, Stanny and the girls, met up with us here. Between Stanny and I, I reckon we did 8 loads of washing! I almost feel sorry for anyone else that was trying to get a turn! I washed everything! Sheets and all!
I failed to mention the camp kitchen it had an oven so we baked fresh treats for the families too!

Ben nicknamed the caravan park, ‘the funny farm’ that’s just want it was! A kind of farm/paddock/caravan park thingy…with a weird, but strangely nice, super geek, chess playing, owner/ manager guy running it. He told me he shuts his camp kitchen/office when he can see that no one is using it anymore from his ‘spy camera’! Tad concerning! And a little bit creepy.

After we arrived initially, we unhitched and took off into Albany to meet up with some relatives, Kath and Greg, who were down from Perth visiting Albany for a couple of days. It was Anzac Day. So the main st was cordoned off for the Anzac parade.
Turns out, we couldn’t have planned to be in a better place for Anzac Day, as the Port in Albany has a lot of significance to the history of the war and the Australian Forces. Not only that but the brand new War Memorial has just been opened and we heard its one of the best museums for Anzacs in the world! Unfortunately it was packed out for days so we missed our chance to visit it.

We spot Kath and Greg in the crowds and shortly after the service we ventured into an ‘award winning’ pie shop for a cup of coffee and a pie.
It was lovely to see some familiar faces and to laugh and chat with them, no doubt we will be catching up with them again in, and around Perth.

We took a scenic drive to Albany’s Gap and Natural Bridge. We walked out to a counter-levered viewing platform that hangs you out over the rugged Cliffs to view the Gap high above the rough, southern ocean, crashing below. It was amazing! Pon did well to stay on it for a good minute, before disappearing amongst the crowds of people behind us.

The kids enjoyed looking out at the natural bridge and reading the story of a man that needed rescuing from the sea from being washed off the rocks, many years ago.

We also stopped in at the salmon holes and saw a beach full of fisherman trying their luck for one of the salmon from the many schools of them we saw though the crystal clear waters down below. Plenty of hookups but we didn’t see anyone land one.

That night we stoked a fire and stayed up late ( 10pm ) both families had kids in bed at a good hour, after they exhausted themselves playing spot light. parents enjoyed a few drinks and some uninterrupted adult conversation.. I think this was a first!

The weather turned the next day with the temp maxing out at 14 degrees with a Gail force wind and storm predicted! We drove back into Albany for yet another good coffee and a browse of the shops. We also had to pick up Nixon’s school work from the post office.
We found a good pub for lunch, Nix was unhappy. As he ordered a cheese burger that looked and tasted amazing but was difficult for him to enjoy, due to his front tooth becoming ever so wobbly! I think I would cry too if I had that burger in front of me with that damn wobbly tooth. I could sympathize!

On the way home we had a glimmer of sun poke through so we checked out Little beach which was only 8km from camp. Little beach lived up to its name – it was little but my god was it amazing! It’s voted as one of Australia’s best beaches, I’m so happy we got to see the beauty this place could offer in the 20 mins the sun would shine. The weather quickly turned and had us racing for the car again.
The weather was set in for the rest of the stay. So nothing more to report. Except I now have clean, wet sheets and a 10 day forecast of rain! Awesome.

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