Bremer Bay April 21st-25th

No matter how much time we spend planning the next location, it’s quite possible, that in a split moment traveling our decision can change and the whole plan goes out the window. Which is what happens all too often. And to be honest I find it all the more exciting and always much more adventurous.
We had planned to travel to Hopetoun, about 200kms from Esperance, but we heard from friends it was blown out and looking ordinary for waves, so only a quarter of the way in we changed our minds and thought we’d push on an extra 250kms to Bremer Bay.
It was the only day I’d not packed a food bag for the kids and it turns out we were driving what seemed like an extention of the Nullarbor! There was nothing in between Esperance and Bremer bay except large parcels of land, maybe one small town that you might have missed if you had of blinked. I’m not saying it was a bad drive as we are quite ok with travel days but this one in particular felt like we were chasing the end of a rainbow!!
We finally arrive late afternoon and book in for the entire long weekend for some security, the caravan park is huge. It’s close by a beach and has all the necessities for comfortable living, but after free to low cost camping for so long I’m still finding it hard to adjust to the typical caravan park prices in WA $44 per night – ouch!

We drown ourselves in the  washing mounds for the morning before taking off for a surf check.
It delivers! We find a beautiful beach called blossoms that’s perfectly offshore with fast rights peeling off the point. Crystal clear turquoise water, white sandy beach – happy days. We perch ourselves here for the day and basque in the sunshine and enjoy it for all its worth.
We had two beautiful days on this beach. Each time seeing large pods of Dolphins

Nixon found his new love of Barrels and was eager to ‘do a barrel’ as he said it. We could not get him out of the water! He pushed his limits, venturing further and further out each time giving me anxiety from the shore. I’ve never seen a bigger smile on his face as I do when I see him catch a ‘good one’ you can see his in his element and we love watching him explore his limits and perfecting his independence catching waves.

Bremer bay is clearly a holiday destination for beach goers or fisherman. Not much else going on unless you venture in to the national park nearby for some hiking.

Pon was keen to watch the semi finals in the A league for soccer so we tried to catch the game at the local hotel. We walked in through the doors only to have a few groups of locals all simultaneously turn and stare at us. We ordered some drinks and realized that it would be a suicidal tourist error to ask the bar staff to switch the tv from the beloved game of AFL (locals were all glued too ) to a soccer game!! You might as well lay your own head on the chopping block!
We drank one drink each and backed out of there.

The next day we met up with our friends to try and get another surf in. We took a 4wd track down to what looked like only a monster truck would tackle! Turned around. Checked another beach.. Checked another beach – windy. Threw the towel in and thought we would hit up their posh tourist park for a swim in the pool before we were told off by a cranky staff member for not reporting to the office. We bailed. Checked another beach. Failed . Checked another – failed again it went on until we spend almost 2 hours driving around. After a wind blown lunch stop and gritty peanut butter sandwiches we gave up too defeated to speak. Had our own office lady WITCH top of the morning by not allowing us to quickly and simply hose the salt water from the underneath of of car, her words -“throw a bucket at it!” RULES ARE RULES!!!!” Get us out of here!

Oh ….and we used buckets to wash our car …..100 buckets!!!! 90 more than we needed LADY!

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