Eyre Peninsula April 3-7th

After leaving Cowell, we took to the road and stopped at Tumby bay. We put some washing on and hit a beachside cafe for some delishious bacon and egg rolls, coffee and hot chocolates! A quiet, small town with plenty of charm. If the weather had of been better we could have ventured around a little but we decided it was a short, productive stop and travelled on to Port Lincoln. Definatley the biggest town on the Eyre we’ve hit, had all the major stores so we wrote a list of the things we needed as it would probably be the last stop for the Nullarbor necessities, and any last minute repairs we may have had. We stocked up on some groceries before venturing further out to the Lincoln National Park. It was a mixure of sweeping, waveless bays and dense green bush land. Our camp site was extremely tidy with views of the bay and well protected from the wind. Perfect!

It was so peacefully quite when our kids weren’t repeatedly singing annoying songs, or talking at the tops of their little lungs! I’m sure when Raff stacked it walking ( he usually does this at every campsite)  his cry rustled a few birds feathers too.

We decided the boat was coming off the roof and fishing was the hobby of the day, we took it out just a little up from our camp and ended up catching 15 King George whiting and 1 Garfish. We killed it! We spotted Dolphins that I naturally thought were sharks and playful seals too.

After running out of bait we called it a day but had to spend the next hour cleaning and filleting the fish. I think Pon was thankful that I’m not affraid to get my hands dirty this day as Nix and I did the scaling and he had the finiky job of filleting and deboning each fish! Raff contemplated helping for all of one seconded before finding beach rubbish that resembled a dagger and entered his imaginary world of Ninjas. All was happy.

We packed up yet again and moved on up to Elliston. Instagram enthusiast sa_rips manages the caravan park here and if you take a look at his impressive surf photography, you would understand our interest in checking out the home of these insane photos he captures. Mr sa_rips was a total legend and very humble about his photography skills. He gave us the hot, local surf spots to check, so after set up we drove out to have a look.

Winding, dusty, open roads through sandy, desert like land alongside very intimidating, unforgiving cliff faces. We reached a local spot called Blacks. We see some of the gnarliest waves we’ve seen on the trip, pumping 8 ft plus barrels in the deepest, blackest waters down amongst huge cliffs. Not sure how the surfers even got down there to be honest. I was quite happy watching as I clutched the children by their collars from the memorial table where we sat for the 17 year old that was attacked and killed down there back in 2000 by a 15ft great white shark. No thanks!!! Those surfers were absolute hell men to be surfing down there all alone. It was them and pods of Dolphins which were happy in the line up but a nice reminder that a although friendly fins were on the surface, not so friendly Giant jaws were most likely lurking down below too.

After feeling a little out of our depths we move on to a free camp called Perlubie beach that had been recommended numerous times to us for the beach camping and the fishing.

They weren’t wrong. We drove literally onto the beach with our van. Problem was it was packed, I think it’s a hot spot for tightarse nomads before they cross the Nullarbor. All the cool hut style gazebos were taken so we drove up the beach and found our spot. It was a tad worrying towing the van up into the soft sand but the cruiser  handled it well. This place would have been so awesome if the weather was nice but instead it was raining and 16 degrees so instead of enjoying this fine location we sat inside the van all afternoon. The wind died by dinner time so we put the awning out for who’s knows what, only to have to get up and wind it back in at midnight in our undies in the rain because Pon couldn’t stand the flapping. Morning came and we woke to realize a king tide had hit and came meters from our van. Yet another cold day so we packed up and drove on up to Ceduna. The last stop before the Nullarbor.


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