Cowell – free Camp April 1- 3rd

On the road again, we make our way from Mt Remarkable down the South Australian, Eyre Peninsula.

I saw on the news one night a small fishing village, Whalyalla, had an ongoing debate over Dolphins that rely on the fishing boats feeding them. They hang in the entrance of the marina and wait for the boats to come in, and then follow them to the shore in hope for a fish or two. half the town wants Whyalla to become the next ‘monkey mia’ type tourist attraction and half believe the fisherman should stop feeding them, as they are becoming to reliant on them and arn’t heading out to hunt for themselves anymore.

Whyalla was the perfect half way point for our journey this day so I packed a picnic and planned to swing by to try our luck with the fishing boats and see what all the fuss was about.

I’m so glad we did! We timed it perfectly and saw the Dolphins waiting and then following the boat, but to our surprise, we were so kindly given half a bag of fish by the fisherman to feed the Dolphins ourselves. No one about, just us and three of the most friendly, adorable  Dolphins that allowed us to touch, tickle and play with them for almost 45mins! It was an incredible experience that left us amazed! I honestly didn’t want to leave.. I became so attached to them rolling around and gazing up at us. Insane!

We pushed on, throughout the ever, flat and Barron land, the ground has begun to redden and the trees are becoming sparse. There are low shrubs and long straight roads and very little in between.

We pull in to our first choice of free camp, it was packed with nomads and one thousand generators grunting, the beach was full of weed and drop toilets were rank! We were out of there!! We filled our tanks and decided we would push on an extra 100kms to the second choice. Cowell beach. An old farmer has opened up his land to campers and its beach side. Turned out to be a great decition as there were only two other vans and a much nicer beach to enjoy all to ourselves! Yippee!

Sunset washed away the driving demons as did the memories of those Dolphins over a few cold drinks. The next day was windy but warm enough for a couple of swims. The fly plauge hit hard though which spoiled the rest of our day. So we decided to move on to Port Lincoln the following day.

Stay tuned.. Lack of reception means I’m catching up on blogs from almost two weeks ago


One response to “Cowell – free Camp April 1- 3rd

  1. Catching up with you now . Last few weeks recovering from a head cold@ the masters golf filled another weekend. Feeling better now @ Poppy’s turned 61 too!! How special seeing the dolphins .


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