Woodside “Adelaide Hill” March 24-29th


I’ve been dreading writing this blog entry as I’ve been worried I wouldn’t have the words to describe our experience..

So the reason we ended up at Woodside, was because we needed a long weekend retreat to escape the crowds and actually secure us some accommodation due to our lack of organisation and preparation for the Easter break. Thankfully our new mates had a friend he knew, that kindly opened their home on 40 acres up in the hills of Adelaide to not only them, but us too.

I will admit, at first I felt awkward to be intruding and tagging along to a complete strangers property. I hated the thought of potentionally putting someone out, but we were assured that things would be fine.

The first night Ben and Stan met up with Bens parents ( lovely people) in the city and we caught a game of soccer at the Adelaide stadium. Soccerroos Vs a country I cannot even pronounce let alone spell. Aussies got up 7-0 and for the boys they were enjoying the constant excitement of goals!

We had a mate who plays for the soccerroos hook us up with tickets to the game, so we waited after the game to see if we could thank him and possibly allow the boys to high five the players as they walked past. Not only did we get to see our friend Adam, who gave away his jersey and goal keeping gloves to the kids, he called over his team mate..Tim Cahill to say hello! The kids got pretty spoilt with cuddles and photos with these two soccer legends, and I must say… My extreme, soccer enthusiast husband was pretty pumped too!

The next morning we woke up on the 40 acre property to have the owner who we had just met invite us in to his home for freshly baked Easter buns and hot chocolate! We met his family and came to realize that these people were so welcoming and lovely that this stay would afterall, be very comfortable and very memorable.

We heard about a Lego Convention in the city the following day ( good Friday) so we drove the 40 mins back in to the city to take the Lego crazy kids we have, for a mind blowing experience!! The kids were amazed by the crazy sculptures and Lego cities they saw. Pon and I were amazed by the geeky adults that create these ultimate creations and how ON EARTH anyone would have such SPARE TIME!! It was a different world we entered that day and I’m now wondering if afterall, Lego is a healthy hobby! Maybe up until the age of 10 only 😬.

Easter Saturday we were invited to a country race day! The Oakbank Races. It’s  a yearly event that the locals of the Adelaide hills look forward too. Our lovely hosts scored us four free tickets and kids were free. We loaded up the Utes with eskies and food and got to park ‘rail side’ for the most relaxing and cheapest race day ever! The kids played happily with each other on a lush, grassy race track with nothing but themselves and not a complaint in the world whilst the parents could drink and gamble until they’re hearts were content – perfect parenting 101 if you ask me!

Of course we fed them and between all four adults, we took turns supervising but it amazes me how perfectly happy the kids can be without a toy or a device in sight, they had the best day together rolling around in the grass and making up their own games even with a fully functioning carnival insight.

Back at the farm we had access to the apples, lemons, pears, tomatoes and eggs. The kids enjoyed making homemade lemonade, they got rides on horses, motorbikes and mowers, they enjoyed lounging around watching a movie on a proper lounge!!

Us adults were spoiled with a seafood night and a delishious baked dinner compliments of the Wests! To contribute we picked up some of the biggest apple pies you have ever seen from a tiny road side Apple Store.. I swear they weighed 3kg each! Amazing! The cream from the dairy up the road was out of this world!

We got a complimenry tour of the hills lookout at Mt Lofty and drove through some of the most incredible farming land I’ve ever seen! It was rows and rows of delicious apple farms, winery’s, peaches and strawberries! Either side of the road was endless trees harvesting bright red fruit that was ready to be picked. Hardest part was not stopping to load up!

It was the coldest we’ve felt up in those mountains! I think it was still 12 degrees at 11am some mornings! It cut you too the bone!

Easter Sunday was fun with the Degnans! The kids had a big Easter hunt in the West’s garden. Before hitting a little German village called Harndorf.

Many enjoyable moments to note from our stay on Five Bob Road Woodside! But the cold has pushed us onwards to Mt Remarkable National Park, time to make friends with an Emu or two!




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