Robe March 19- 24th

After Warrnambool we packed up and drove across the south Australian boarder (we shed some tight arse tears, as we had to ditch a good sized grocery bag of fresh fruit and veg) We couldn’t help but stuff our faces with $5 plunnets of strawberries on the side of the road! Would have been a funny sight really!

We drove on for a couple of hours through some fairly open, flat country side.. We decided to do our first overnight stop over at Port Macdonnell. It was a beautiful suprise this little sea side town, beautiful azure blue water along kilometers of flat farmland. If the  sun was shining and the wind was off shore, it would have looked amazing, but it was quite the opposite! The wind was howling, and the temperature was a brisk 16 degrees that cut you to the bone! We had layers on this day, but still had to beg the kids to wear jumpers!

One thing I noticed about south oz was the population decrease! Very few cars on the road or in the streets.

After our one nighter, we hit the road again and detoured through Mt Gambier to stop in and see the Blue lake and the iconic Sink Hole, both were a nice stop to see. The kids especially loved the sink hole as it was beautifully manicured and landscaped. Megie and Edie convinced my boys that fairies lived here, so they were on a magical journey to find them in the maze of lush gardens.

We pushed on until we hit the beautiful town Robe. Super impressed with the beauty this coastal town has, little bits remind us of home but it’s got it’s own special uniqueness I can’t quite describe!

We’ve loved the freedom to drive on long beach as we’d never done that before..  it didn’t disappoint! We scored sweet little waves in crystal clear waters and set up for a BBQ out the back of the car!

If only we had a cray pot! Every afternoon we sit and watch the keen fisherman bring home some super sized Crays! It’s definitely a good spot to come for all sea lovers!

Raff has been mastering the art of bike riding without training wheels. Nixon lost his second tooth and can now do front flips From the pool edge.

I can now say I’ve surfed in South Australia!! even with an enormous fear of sharks. Pons now a hardcore 4 wheel driver!

Would have to rate this camp at the discovery park a 9 out of 10 purely because we had the freedom to spread ourselves out over about 6 campsites with hammocks, clotheslines, Lego tents, bikes and washing services! We had the shade of a tree, mates, and the use of an indoor heated pool that we put to good use every afternoon. The kids had a park, jumping pillow and the freedom to ride around safely, two play tents, a giant hammock the use of two caravans and a games room! We baked fresh banana  bread out of the camp kitchens oven and had our very own Australian open comp between Stan and Pon that left them both ruined the next day! Lucky for us everydays a good day for a drink or three and Monday night proved to be a ripper for Ben to share around his bottle of wild turkey.. So many laughs and good times were had!



4 responses to “Robe March 19- 24th

  1. Looks awesome team Lees!!!
    New adventures around every corner.
    Great blog Emma……keep us posted…all jealous of all the fun all of you are having ALL the time!!!


  2. South Oz looks epic Lees!! It is now on my “to do list”. Looks like you’re having an absolute blast, Em your writing keeps getting better and better. Miss you tonnes xx


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