Warrnambool March 14-18th

We had plans to check out a few places we thought looked good between Warrnambool and Port Fairy because we couldn’t decide, it wasn’t a huge travel day so we thought we could extend the drive and check out all three before we settled.. After coming from Old Princey maybe we got a little too excited, we got to Warrnambool, took one look at our first option-  20mtrs from the beach, empty spacious sites, a billion mega parks across the road, and potential waves out front. We were sold.

Travel days are a bit of a mission so we’re happy to chill and enjoy the basics on these days.

The next day was a double school session and then our mates arrived for the afternoon! Stanny and I took the kids high flying on the super dooper flying foxes- what a  mission that was! I hope these kids one day know what lengths we go to in order for them to have fun! Thankgod we are fit!

What do you know, Stan and Ben bring the fine weather along again, and we score two beautiful days!

Stanny and I started off these days with a morning jog, we ran to the end of our beach where there was a place called Middle Island which the movie ‘Oddball’ was filmed about the Maremma Dogs protecting the fairy penguins from foxes. It was cool to watch the ‘famous dogs’ still roaming free on Middle island. Penguin numbers are flourishing! We made our way back along the beach and ran into Mary the hairy-nosed Wombat who just happened to love me ( I now consider myself a Wombat whisperer).

The next morning was topped again with a little Warrnambool magic when we jogged to the pavilion at sunrise to overlook the beach with truck loads of Darren Weirs (winner of last years Melbourne cup) racehorses galloping and swimming the beach.. We met the families up here for a nice coffee so the kids good enjoy the sights too.

We had a dual family beach session both days with parents scoring fun little beach front waves and kids frothing over bondi Betty’s in the shore break.  All was happy apart from Nixon who appeared to need an early night! ( grumpy bum)

We drove to Port Fairy and found paradise on southcomb beach where all sorts of blues where on display, in an offshore lagoon perfect for snorkeling and swimming.. It was surround by reefs which looked like they would be awesome to surf if the conditions we perfect! The water temperature  was down to about 16degress with an air temp of 30plus.. Refreshing to say the least! Nix loved snorkeling and playing with our new Go Pro and Raff was happy where ever Megie was which was with on his body board or exploring the cool black volcanic rocks.



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