Princetown March 10-14th

What a drive! I do understand why the Great Ocean Road is considered one of the best scenic drives in the world. Pretty spectacular! We Came across a little river that someone ( with too much time on their hands) had recreated into… Only parents of tiny children will get this one… Macca paccas wonderland! Every single rock had been stacked in some order to make all types of creations! It was a piece of art! Such a nice surprise.

We came unstuck with a sneaky Victorian long weekend that crept upon us. Might have saved us some $$ as it ruined our plans of an Apollo Bay stopover, so we found ourselves a little possie in Princetown recreation reserve. For a sweet price of $25/pn ( for the GOR it was a steal! )  the twelve Apostles were only 6 km down the road and apparently the beach was only a 400m walk beside a nice looking river. Awesome right?!


Princetown camp.. Always misty and cold looking


Nix caught an Australian salmon Princetown beach

We had to get some groceries and Port Campbell was the closest town with shops ( they sure take advantage of this! ) prices were sky high but it was still a pretty cool looking town with a nice bay, a bit of surf and a cool pub so we were happy!

Our local beach at princey was rough and ready! In no way was it inviting unless a rescue helicopter was on standby.. It was one big soup bowl and the beach track was a mission with Raff ( the anti bug boy!) as there were hundreds of tiny black centipedes crawling across it. Nix made the most of it, dragging Pon out for a dinner time fishing session, which landed him one big Australian salmon on the first cast!

Mornings were cold and misty! And the sun didn’t seem to shine until around 3pm!

Took advantage of the sight seeing, and went head to head with bus loads of tourists to see the twelve apostles, Loch ard gorge, thundercaves and the Gibson steps!

I feel a little confused with the way I feel about all those iconic, famous sights! I mean, they were pretty incredible but I’m starting to think we’ve been a little spoiled from our home towns beauty! I wanted to feel really ‘wowed! And I feel it doesn’t seem justified by the amount of helicopters and bus loads of tourists that were flocking there.. This carpark was HUGE and people were everywhere but I didn’t feel I knew what all the fuss was about. I hate saying that, as I feel almost ungrateful that I was lucky enough to visit these wonders but I’m finding a new sense of appreciation for our local, undiscovered, beautiful locations we share back home and generally enjoy all to ourselves.


I will admit, it was pretty rediculous, how amazing it looked when we revisited the Apostles on sunset! It definitely helped me understand the magic of it all a bit more!

We took a drive west through farmland and stumbled apon GORGE chocolates!! For a drizzly, old, rainy day, in the middle of nowhere, you don’t understand how excited we were! A cute manicured farmhouse opens their doors to you with homemade chocolate delights! Local honey tubs and freshly brewed smooth cups of coffee and hot chocolate! Heaven! We pull back out on to that rural road to find a small sign that says – cheese factory! – off we go in search again.. We walked in, perfectly timed to a cheese tasting! which to our amazement, the kids thoughly enjoyed, entertaining the fellow tourists with there posh cheese-critique. We walked out with all our favorites and drove off in search of a winery we were informed about! Can this stretch of heaven get any better?! Chocolate, cheese and now wine?! – vine yard was shut! Oh well.

The ups to Princetown??  that rural road of tasty treats and the base point for exploration of apostles. Down side? Swarms of mosquitos of a night.. Rough seas and lack of sun. Poor us.. I bet no one feels sorry for us!!! Ha ha




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