Anglesea March 6-10th

Our first stop on the iconic Great Ocean Road. Anglesea, we chose this spot as it was a half way point between Torquay and Lorne and the caravan park was right on the beach with decent reviews, I was impressed.. So were the kids! The park was huge with loads to do and the town was nice too. We struggled to find a cheap park anywhere along this stretch so if we were going to pay the big bucks $66 p/n, we wanted a damn good one! The pool was beautiful which got some good use and we had access to the river behind us and the beach in front. You could easily have spent some time here as our grassy site was huge and vacant. There were plenty of nice coastal walks and some cool surf spots not far from here… Bells, winkipop just to name a couple.

I had to get to Torquay to pick up some more school work and we took the opportunity to check out the surf outlets and get some shopping. The weather was slightly windy and overcast. We scored an awesome coffee at a place called sticks and stones before saving some $$ at the outlet stores on a few bits and pieces at quicksilver.

I start the day schooling and Pon takes off for a surf at winkipop – he gets a fun 4 foot session his happy with and I wind up with school and hit the pool with the kids. The sun is shining and our caravanning buddies arrive beside us.. All is great!

The kids loved being reunited again and the Lego tent was in action before the Nerf guns were pulled out – my boys are teaching little Edie and Megie how to fire guns and fight like ninjas.. I wonder if we will ever see them again after this stop?  That is of course after we were told that after Megie saw a wedding in Melbourne and that she was hoping to marry Nixon one day.

We drove down to Lorne for the day. The weather was once again, overcast so we hit the shops for some awesome fish and chips, checked out the sculptures along the foreshore, kids found a nice park whilst I scored at the local op shop with a pair of Mavi jeans and some reebok full length tights.. $9! Laughing! This tight arse caravana was one happy woman!

We took a trip up to the Erskine Falls in the Ottways rainforest as it was only 10mins from Lorne, even though it’s been fairly dry, it was still worth the trip as the waterfall was trickling from a natural spring and the beauty was simply magical!could only imagine how much better it would have been after a few days of rain!  I’m always amazed by the kids enthusiasm to explore these places and they don’t ever seem to be put off by the lengthy walks or steep steps they face, in order to reach them! ( mind you, I will admit, I did bribe them with a $1 to get back up the steep steps by themselves) which worked a treat! I ended up paying them $2 for their enthusiac and positive approach, so upon our return, they took off ..straight to the games room to spend their small fortune.

That rainy old afternoon, the boys encouraged us girls to head out for a surf, it was right on dinner time,  we were happy to head out, as the boys assured us they would have dinner covered..beers in hand of course ( I think they wanted to fix and repair some things aswell)

So off Stanny and I went to Road Knight beach , it was a long right hander that sort of reminded us of the pass in Byron bay but I’m sure 10 times weaker. And only 10 guys out. Thankfully I was on Megies 7 ft pink foamy which made for a super fun surf – Stan managed to get the ride of her life on a 150m wave ( she was out of sight for a good 10mins!!) we get home to a funny story of Blood and Flood! Apparently Ben had flooded his caravan whilst trying to fill his tanks and whilst Pon was in his element underneath Bens caravan in the rain fixing their pump. Ben had his work cut out for him with four crazy kids one ( Raff) crying with blood and requesting band aids and refusing iPad distraction.

They managed to have dinner on the table and we even milked them hot showers after our surf- happy days!

That night we had kids in bed and even got to sit up sharing stories with our new best mates over a couple of drinks ( Pon decided to poison himself on his 15yr old bourbon) lets just say I was very close to learning to pull a caravan for the first time along the GOR hair pin bends and narrow cliff lines… He was green and very sorry! What a man though, he pushed through, packing up driving, sightseeing and setting up all in one hangover!


3 responses to “Anglesea March 6-10th

  1. Well done pon just like father in law hits the great ocean with a few under his belt. Well done em mixing it with the big what a journey so far it’s amazing how well everything is going. Stay safe take care.


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