Phillip Island Feb 25-March 03

What a pretty drive! I enjoyed the amazing homes I spotted along the way, fuelling some motivation to ‘get cracking’on the design for our next home.

The forecast seemed ok on the internet before we arrived, but we had a few days of low temps and wind on our side, which dampened our spirits in the hope of good surf and beach days.

We still explored the island everyday checking the surf and along the way discovered plenty of things to do. We drove to The Nobbies headland. It had a really impressive Atlantic Ocean observatory building, which attracts lots of tourists, it’s overlooking the rugged, southern coastline and seal island, which is home to over 30 thousand seals. The headland was spotted with cute little  penguin houses amongst a super long boardwalk, which took us down and around the headland. We saw some cute little penguins hiding underneath the boardwalk. The wind almost blew us back to the south coast of NSW this day!

another surf check and more disappointment, so we hung out in Cowes today, it’s a nice little  town on the other side of the island, with all the major shopping centers and a main st with some cool boutiques and cafes. We browsed the shops, which proved to be painful with two touchy kids, a tightarse caravan budget and zero space.. So off to the park we went.


Yet another overcast, windy day was not doing our Philip island surfing experience any favors, instead we took a trip 20 mins back into Wonthaggi to a Big W. We shopped up a storm for our little ‘leap year baby’s’ 4th birthday.. The day came and went after a fun trip to Amaze and things illusion park! We watched balls and water roll/flow up hill found our way through All types of mazes and even made ourselves disappear! It had one of the best putt putt golf courses we’ve ever seen! We also topped off the day watching the penguin parade at dusk. It was cool to see them but it was a little disappointing for the price and the battle we had with the Random bus loads of tourists. Raff didn’t seem to impressed as we had a poke him a few times to stay awake! We Wouldn’t recommend it to be honest!

Our friends we met “first stop”at Potato Pt caught up with us here which was really exciting! The kids were so happy to have some play buddies and us adults were stoked to have few bevies and exchange “war stories” as Ben would say!

These friends of ours, have been following us down the coast and seem to have a way with the weather and surf conditions, the next two days we scored picture perfect weather, peaky little lefts and rights on Wollamia beach and surfed our way throughout the days, until our hearts were content! The kids have got on like a house on fire, and I must say, the adults have too! We’ve decided to follow Our Mates to the big smoke of Melbourne for a few days.





2 responses to “Phillip Island Feb 25-March 03

  1. Your exquitse little journey down the East Coast of Oz has given you guys a life of unparalleled joy, happiness & contentment. 😊To be in control of your destiny of a free & spontaneous lifestyle is what we all dream of & wish for. You go!! 💜 our gorgeous Lee family as the whole of Oz is your oyster & you so deserve every sec of it!! Love you 💕muchly & miss you more. Enjoy!! Aunty Lindy.X


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