Wilson’s Promontory feb 18th- 25th

Our 250km journey from Lakes Entrance to Wilson’s Promontory wasn’t too bad? The country side didn’t look to different to back home.. After squeezing in some school work on the road,  we picked up some shopping at Yarraham and continued on to the Prom.

You know when you hit the national park,  the landscape changes dramatically, you have these rolling hills with huge rock formations sticking out , it’s something out of the norm that’s for sure! Simply stunning.

We picked our spot, set up camp, a dusty patch just behind the dunes. The kids met some cute girls across from us which was nice, but the set up was left entirely up to us while they took off and played.

The next morning we decided we would hike Mt Oberon, it’s the mountain we can see from our camp- it’s 558mtrs above see level. The sign said 3.5km approx 1 hour.. Well that was one way! The kids did exceptionally well not to complain or whine about anything, especially after reaching the summit in thick fog that ruined the “spectacular view” over Tidal River we would have had , it also rained up the top and the entire way down! It was well worth the trip, great scenery and some memorable misty mountain pics. Jon had his own cheer squad pushing him through his intense fear of heights at the top.. He made it! We all couldn’t wait to get back into some dry clothes and warm up.. It’s freezing!

day 2-

We Started the day off with a jog to the end of Normans beach and did some yoga under the mountains.

Its awesome how well the kids are adapting to mornings free of TV, instead, they are deep in Ninjago ( favorite Lego characters) role play and spend hours building their guys, ships and jet packs and play out their own scenes in their heads over breakfast. Unbeknown to them, we are kicking back watching it all unfold. It’s Gold!

We explored Squeaky beach today.. Yes the sand was squeaky! Ha ha Jon had a sloppy onshore surf whilst the kids surfed the dunes,  and discovered some amazing rocky mazes. I lapped up the warmth of the sun protected by those huge, beautiful rocks from the cold onshore breeze! It later warmed up enough for us to enjoy a swim and a long walk up the end of the beach.

People are so friendly! I love meeting so many people along the way!  It restores your faith in humanity somewhat… Jon, usually the anti social, has burnt a few BBQ dinners from chatting to long – he loves it!

Its truly amazing out here, we’ve seen wild emus roaming and wombats routinely  interrupt our sleep by knocking over our water bucket through the night searching for food, thankgod we are in a caravan! as I hear they scratch at your tent of a night.

Day 4 and 5,

I stepped our of my protected comforts and did some solo hikes through the bush, around headlands and up to the summit of Mt Bishop… ( the mountain directly north of us) I was a tad anxious about coming across the local Browns and tiger snakes along the way but the views and endorphins were quick to override my fears enough for me to relax and enjoy some quality exercise and “me” time. Unforgettable experience.

Jon had some quick surfs, nothing to rave about but his happy to be in the water consistently and work on his fitness for the next big swell that greets us.

Raff has had his first session riding with his training wheels and did well, only with the bribe of a lolly or two! And Nix has been loving the freedom of bike riding around Tidal River solo for a lap or two, his sense of road safety is improving and his thriving from the thrill of thinking his the big boy.

Would highly recommend this place if your a keen hiker, wildlife lover or beach goer… It’s like no other.




3 responses to “Wilson’s Promontory feb 18th- 25th

  1. Will be nice to see some familiar faces again and chat about our adventures so far! We think we might take him to the “Amaze and things” fun park place here on Phil Is, possibly penguin parade and a picnic dinner out? He is so excited for his cake! I’ve managed to order one in cowes for him. If you guys get here Sunday he may have an instant party! I can save you all some cake!


  2. Just loved your stories of the adventures at the prom the boys are really comfortable enjoying every day. Those photos are amazing


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