Lakes Entrance Feb 15-18th



Travel days go so quick, and something about the motion of driving makes me so tired! I literally just sit there motionless “sometimes navigate” and I’m totally spent! What’s with that? I’ll have to snap out of it.. The thought that I’d shut my eyes and miss something, is highly possible and I doubt I’ll be back to see this part of the world anytime soon, maybe never, so I pin my eyes open and push through… Mind you, the longest we’ve driven has only been 2.5 hours! See!….one of the many issues we face as premature travellers, tough life isn’t it!!!

We arrive at Lakes Entrance, found a cute little park called Koonwarra just out of town for $25/pn powered. Cheap! It’s got a great pool and games room for the kids with a big paddock for soccer games ect behind our van and it’s right opposite the lake with a long cycling track into town. We only planned on staying a few nights so it seemed perfect.

Quick drive by of the town and it seemed quite pretty, black Swans dominate the lake, and if the weather had of looked promising,  we would’ve have had the boat in the water in a heart beat. Instead the weather turned, and temperature dropped down to a chilly 18 degrees! The wind was up and it ruled water activities out for the next couple of days.

We took a drive to Bucan Caves, approx 45 mins inland from Lakes Entrance. What a peaceful place! It was so Seanic and quiet out there. Booked a tour through the Royal Cave and was blown away!

Inside the foot of the mountain was a narrow passage that led you deep down into the guts of the mountain side, it was dark and wet inside with the most amount of  historic beauty our eyes have ever seen! Some of the Stalactites were several hundred thousand years old, with open rooms full of sparkling Chrystals! It was overwhelmingly incredible.

Poor Nix told us he was “busting” for a wee only 10 minutes into the 50 minute tour! and with a strict no touching no eating or drinking type policy there was no way we were getting out of the tight single file line we were in underground to help him, he took it like a champion, though, towards the end I could see the sheer discomfort he was in so we made a bee line for the exit, into complete darkness up a stairwell, to find that glimmer of day daylight. That staircase would have looked like heaven in Nixon’s eyes!



We stopped by an old trestle bridge at stony creek Nowa Nowa on the way home. Some more cool history right before us



First dinner out since we left was epic, at the Floating Dragon, right on the water-  Amazing dumplings!

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