Mallacoota feb 11- 15th

I’d describe Mallacoota as an old fishing town. Such a huge, beautiful, big waterway with one of the biggest caravan parks in the Southern Hemisphere..

We chose our site right opposite the boat ramp overlooking the inlet. At first I thought it would be super noisy, but I was pleasantly suprised. We met our friendly neighbours one of which was  travelling for two years, once again we had some pretty cool chats and picked up some useful tips!

Day 1 was a fishing day, Nixon cleaned up, catching the most over all. We caught a mixture of brim, flatheads, snapper, one orange octopus and a funny looking flounder. Raff decided he would stay awake on this trip.

Day 2 was extremely hot- 35 degrees! So we took off to Betka beach, only a 5 minute drive away, I couldn’t believe on such a hot summers saturday, we practically had it to ourselves. We spent almost 4 hours here.. The waves were small but so clean and forming nice little peaks running left and right. For the first time in about two years I got back in the water for a surf and it was the first time in about 7 years I’d surfed with my hubby.. I found my happy place this day, I loved every minute of it!

Nix and I took off for a run up to the end of the beach and discovered the biggest sand dune – perfect for sliding down! So we raced back to the others to get prepared! I reckon we had about 20 swims this day! The water was the most refreshing I’ve felt, it was almost like the sea was on ice! Perfect for a scorching hot day! That afternoon Pon put the boat in again and took Nix for another fish – one flatty and a few smaller ones, much quieter then the day before.


day 3-Day of rest. Follow the kids lead. No point dragging them around if all they want to do is sprawl out on the ground, play Lego, and make up their own fun. We took the opportunity to clean, exercise, fix and organise a few things.. That was after we ate breakfast at 10am! Sometimes a home day is just what the doctor ordered.

We’ve enjoyed our time here, it’s nice having the freedom for the kids to pick up their bikes and ride around a vast area, but stay safe under our watch from the camp chair. The people we’ve met along the way already are so friendly and always commenting on how good the boys are.

We’ve been making mistakes daily and I’m sure we will make many more but your constantly learning from each one and it will only better us for the future.

From what we thought was a small fishing village has been well worth the visit for the natural beauty the surrounding beaches have to offer and for anyone who’s keen on a good bush walk I’ve seen some challanging yet beautiful tracks that would be worth a look.

off to Lakes Entrance tomorrow. X





One response to “Mallacoota feb 11- 15th

  1. love it guys!!! Im stoked you can bath out of wetty buckets now hah ill give that a go next time thanks nix and raff.
    yewww love you guys xx


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