Merimbula / Pambula Feb 7-11th

NSW Far south coast – Where have you been all my life? What a magical place! 

Quiet pristine beaches, glorious water ways teaming with wildlife vibrant green countryside…..Perfect!

We checked in to Tweenwaters Big 4, caravan park, booked a powered site with no view, and squeezed our van in along side many others. Not my kind of living. Happy to stay a few nights for the kids but we can’t wait to get back to basics with a little more nature surrounding us and a nice water view.

We took our boat out in the lake and saw loads of oyster farms, pulled up for some fishing with a playful seal near by. We caught a flatty and dropped a crab pot in overnight. We explored the lake and found a cute little park and pulled up for a swim, Nix was practising his fishing casts on the shore ( persistent little thing he is) while Raff and I drifted down the current, time after time playing pretend rescues.

Afternoons consist of Big 4 water park sessions and very little down time ( much to our dismay) and by the time dinner arrives, the boys are practically beg us for bed!

A quick check of the crab pot the next day revealed a blue swimmer!!   We had just the Rick Stein recipe for that little sucker – crab and sweet corn soup! It was a hit!

Visited Eden, the town with a serious whaling history, and a museum to prove it. We took the kids through as a schooling session and learnt lots about “old Tom” the killer whale who worked for the whalers and helped trap the other species of whales in at two fold bay to be slaughtered.

We stopped in at Pambula and picniced on the beach and took the kids surfing, followed by a headland bush walk. The weather has been so perfect!

Mornings we get stuck into school work and when we’re done, the sun is beaming for us to get out and enjoy the day. As promised we took the kids to Magic mountain for some action packed fun racing down mountain sides on toboggans or waterslides… Enjoyed by everyone!

One of the nicest things of an afternoon is having the kids outdoors and enjoying each other’s company with very little material objects surrounding them. I’m watching their imaginations come to life, they’re more willing to help with dinner and odd jobs and socially, very happy to meet new people who greet us in and around the camp grounds. So far a very positive Experiance for all.


One response to “Merimbula / Pambula Feb 7-11th

  1. We thought the sunset would have been beautiful every morning. Nixon loves his birds. What a little fisherman. Raffy is going to turn 4 years old soon. 29th February 2016 leap year.


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