First Stop Potato Pt feb 5-7th

Potato Point

The beauty of not having a plan is that you can change your mind at any time, that’s just what we did! Our first stop was Potato Point. A small town with loads of charm. Beachcomber caravan park was small and basic but right on the beach and surrounded by beautiful Eurobodalla National Park. From Emus on the beach to our first boat ride in Tuross River, (we didn’t sink!)  cheese tasting at Bodalla Cheese factory and surf out front, our first stop has been memorable.

We met a lovely family with two little girls who also decided 3 months ago that they were doing the lap.. It was also the beginning of their trip, I wonder whether we will bump into them along the way? Funny how similar our situations were, we had a laugh or two about the “teething” issues we both have faced setting up the first couple of nights! Glad to know we aren’t the only ones learning the ropes!




We took a walk along the blackfellows bush track from our campground – lesson one! wear appropriate footwear.. Paranoid about snakes.

2 responses to “First Stop Potato Pt feb 5-7th

  1. Awesome blog, love it, beautiful photos. You’ve inspired me to start one myself.
    We missed you guys, I think Potato Point will be hard to top. We’re at Jindy now, catching you up.. watch your backs!
    Sarah xx


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