The Set Up

When we planned to do this we had know idea what we would need, or how we would go about getting it, our camping and travel skills were very simple.

The one thing We stayed true to, was the decision to travel Australia and that’s what drove us. Once the decision is made, then the ball starts to roll, the house was sold, the cars up for sale, caravan and land cruiser were brought, and the business started to wind down. Before you know it your in to deep to pull out and things start to get real exciting!

We concentrated on our set up for comfort and storage, and got busy organising the relevant steps to alter the car and van to suit our personal needs and interests.

We wanted to take a little “Quintrex traveller” boat so we brought the roof rack to mount it to and had a good friend alter the top of it so it would slide on and lock in place with ease.

we installed some great heavy duty drawers in the back which give us extra compartments and a safe place to lock away valuables.

We ordered the clear view mirrors to see safely down beside the caravan and also had a CB radio and a reversing camera for safety and ease when hitching the van, a touch screen audio, to update the 2008 version of the cruiser. We can run our phones and iPod through it which will be great for many hours spent in the car.

The list for the bare necessities was as long as both our arms combined… Things like air compressors, jumpstart battery packs, folding tables and chairs, steps, solar panels the list was truely endless and as beginners we had to dump a lot of money initially to feel comfortable we would go the distance. Did we think of everything? Probably not! Only Experiance will tell whether we brought too little or too much but I thought I’d write this boring bit out incase others feel they want to do the same¬†type of trip or have done this trip before, and can add or suggest what they found most useful, or what seemed pointless on their journeys for a some useful information.

A shop assistant in at BCF, raved about his Experiance with a thermal pot, you throw your ingredients in it, bring it too the boil, and then stow it away in its case that locks up only for it to retain the heat at simmering point. Perfect for a morning of travel so that upon arrival the meal is cooked and ready to go with no need for power or fires

Setting up has been half the fun and keeps the dream alive, we embraced the knowledge of others and researched all we could so hopefully we minimise danger and discomfort and maximise on the enjoyment. Fingers crossed!



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