The Preparations

The excitement is building and the reality of our trip is setting in.

Pon’s working his final days at work and I’ve had some final ‘goodbye’ catchups with some of Nixon’s school friends.

There are deliveries turning up almost daily now as we’ve had some last minute online shopping for ‘must have’ items for on the road.

Nights are becoming restless as we lay awake thinking of all the last minute jobs, gear and packing strategies we may need.

I’ve been busy with appointments- yearly dental checkups, pet vaccinations, car servicing etc. Rallying up the accountants and getting the books and tax update. There are so many loose ends a year of absence can leave you with.

Next week we planned to have a few practice runs packing all our stuff into the rig, It’s going to be one big jigsaw puzzle!

I thought initially I would struggle living so minimalistic, but after living out of the van at my parents house for almost 8 weeks, I’ve spent countless hours reducing and reconfiguring the cupboards, filling bags up with things I want out of the van! Less is really more in such confined spaces!

I’m waiting on our thermal pot and fold up bike to arrive now.( yes you read it – a fold up bike) if you’ve ever seen one, I’m sure you would’ve pointed and laughed at it! They look ridiculous and I swore blind I would never own one.. But it’s down to the wire with weight and space and unfortunately we could not Find a safe enough way to cart four bikes around on the front or back of the van. Stay tuned for a good laugh!




6 responses to “The Preparations

  1. Hey Em. This is a great idea. I love that you want to share your adventures. Looking forward to seeing pics and news about you and the family. X


    • Thanks, I really wanted to do it for the kids so they will hopefully remember as much as they can. Once it’s done they can have it forever x hope you and your boys are well!


  2. Safe travels,hope you all have the best times of your lives,will miss you,but am so looking forward to watching your journey.Love you all and stay safe.xxxx


  3. Do you like blackfellows pt? Our first block of land was at potato pt, sold it to buy at Tomerong . Do you think you’ll stay a few days? Lucky we found the birthday card with $ 100 in it. Some one is still looking after you all.


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