The Big Decision

We sold the house! What now? With out the house actually being on the market it was a whirlwind chain of events that led us to wondering what our next chapter would be. 

We had no plan at all! Do we rent? do we buy? With the market as crazy as it was and only months till Christmas we were feeling a lot of pressure. 

We had not yet been in our brand new home even 12 months, so the thought of building or even renervating again wasn’t very appealing. 

afyer exploring all our options we were exhausted, stressed and scared. I’d even looked into availability at the local caravan parks, as rentals in our area were so scares – nothing!!….the idea came to me in a moment of frustration. ” far out! we might have to buy our own caravan and live in that!” I guess it stuck! We had always spoken about one day travelling Australia for an entire year, but it only ever felt like an unrealistic dream. After toying with the idea for a full 24 hours with my husband it was thrilling and so exciting to even dream we could be capable of a trip like that!!! But soon, we came back down to earth, as the idea overwhelms us and the reality of changing our lifestyles and business begins to seem too much.. Thoughts like ” the kids are too young to remember it”, and ” you need so much more time to plan a big trip like that ” crush our dreams! “Maybe we can put it off for a few more years?! ” 

The more time we had, the more it made more sense to go! Our timing was perfect and with the way the house spontaneously sold this was our window of opportunity to make good of this otherwise bitter sweet feeling we had of leaving our dream home in Narrawallee behind. 

Im a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and this was our reason!! Our second apprentice was due to finish at the end of the year and  my youngest had two more years before he started school, my eldest has  an unbeliveable will to learn so I feel confident I could guide him through year 1 on the road. What’s stopping us? Being self employed, my husband found it easier than I thought he would to hand over his business.. And just like that we made our decision to travel around Australia with our two beautiful kids in a caravan from the south coast of jervis bay heading south along the coast and clockwise around our country. 








5 responses to “The Big Decision

  1. And so the journey begins! So excited to see what you guys discover and where you end up in this big sunburnt land of ours! This is so great Em xx


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